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The N97 Mini Trunk Challenge Is A Wrap: Lessons Learnt?

You must have noticed the frenzied posting in the last 24 hours, four posts dedicated to the N97 Mini Trunk. The format of the Challenge was using things we consider relics e.g. a CD Player, A Tape Recorder, A Disposable Camera to do ordinary tasks for which we depend on our beloved phones for, in this case the N97 Mini.

The N97 Mini Trunk Challenge Is A Wrap: Lessons Learnt?

For our entries into the competition, we tried to make our videos as funny as possible so that you would have a light laugh and get entertained in the process, but if your phone was actually taken away and you would be given this trunk full of objects, someone in the nineties would drool over, you or me would find it incredibly frustrating.

Just goes to show how habits change and with that our level of dependence. In my book it is not a bad thing. Yes, we are addicted to technology, so what? As long as you know that lack of it will not cause spasms, its all good. Back to the task at hand, our final challenge was:

… to get the awesome images you’ve taken on your disposable camera and pop them into the photo album we’ve given you. Once you’ve got your Nokia N97 mini trunk album ready, you need to share it with the world! Show us how sharing your pics form the N97 mini compares to doing it ‘old school’ style. Organize a tea party to show off your pics, post them to the ones you love or leave your album somewhere everyone can flip through. It’s totally up to you.

We kept it simple, had some friends over to shoot some pool and passed the photos around. But one thing worth mentioning was that paper was more fun than what TV out could be, but that was just this one time. If you were to ask to not to upload pictures only and have to manually send them to friends, I wouldn’t be able to.

My question is, since the time Facebook, Twitter and Email became mainstream, have you sent someone actual physical photos? If so, often?

Missed out on the earlier videos?

We Get Mapping With The N97 Mini Trunk – Old School Style

Our N97 Mini Trunk came with a Quill, a compass, a diary, an address book, some ink, a calculator and some other items, all of which can prove incredibly useful or amazingly useless in a quest for navigation. As luck would have it, the rub of the green didn’t go our way and what ensued was funny for the spectator, but incredibly frustrating for the individuals. I give you, Challenge 2 – Maps!

Ovi Maps has made life easier for a lot of us, and we often wonder what people did before navigation. Show us how having Ovi Maps on your N97 mini device can make life easier. Using the tools at your disposal we want you and your trunk buddy to create a fun video showing us how things used to be done, and how we do it now. Trunk v/s N97 Mini!

Think of a creative way to have fun with maps and submit your video online.

After this we have just one more challenge left and under 1:30 hours to go.

Music & Gaming With The N97 Mini Trunk

Music & Gaming With The N97 Mini TrunkAfter 12 hours of non stop video editing and almost 24 hours of non stop work on the N97 Mini Trunk Challenges, it looks like we might just be able to get all the challenges in before the deadline expires later today.

Its Sunday today and the following videos should make for a bit of fun, specially the second one! We now have only two tasks left, Maps and Photos. Check back for them soon.

Challenge 3: Music  On The Go

In this challenge we want you to explore listening to music without the help of the N97 mini. Use what you have in the trunk and show us what you got! Think about where/what you do on a daily basis that involves listening to music, then imagine having to drag around the trunk.

Challenge 4: Gaming

Imagine trying to play a game of say, snakes and ladders, in all the same places yo can with your N97 mini. On a train? In the park? In bed?

What do you think? Are we on right path?

The N97 Mini Trunk Challenge 1: Trunk In Action

The N97 Mini Trunk Challenge 1: Trunk In ActionLast month I told you about the N97 Mini Trunk and its 5 challenges that 10 teams across the blogosphere had to perform as part of a fun competition. Turns out tomorrow is the last date to submit all 5 challenges and our team (me and my friend Sartaj) is yet to publish our first! But as they say, better late than never and with that I present our response to Challenge Number One – ‘Trunk In Action’.

For your first challenge, all we’re looking for is who can get the best photo of the N97 mini trunk in action, out and about in the real world. Simply get a shot of your N97minitrunk in a strange or creative place and get the image over to us for your next challenge.

But how could just one photo do justice to the ‘N97 Mini Trunk’ so we put together a few – stop motion and time lapse style! See for yourself.

About 18 hours to go and 4 challenges left, will we make it? Follow the hashtag #N97MiniTrunk on twitter to see how the other teams are doing.

Unboxing The N97 Mini ‘Trunk’

Late Saturday I received a very large box from the brilliant folks at WOM World, I had no idea as to what it was but only an inkling that it was part of a competition that me and a friend will be taking part in. With only that in mind we set out to unbox the package, and it took us a full 15 minutes just to get everything out.

I have managed to edit the footage and get it down to under 10 and I have to say it was by far the most fun unboxing I have ever done. I won’t giveaway the contents just yet, but it is safe to say that there were some pretty strange things in there.

As you can see general idea is that the N97 can replace each one of those things, but the fun part is that the five challenges we will need to complete will involve having to use the other stuff and not the mini.

Inside the box was a pinecone that signified a connection to one of the features of the N97 Mini, I have been trying to comprehend what it means for some bonus points, but have come up empty so far. Pinecones are generally used for decoration, so could it somehow link to the N97 Mini’s customisable/personalisable homescreen?

The N97 Mini Trunk Contents(click to enlarge)

If you can think of something, please let us know in the comments section. If you are on Twitter, the hashtag to follow is #n97minitrunk.