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Nokia Has Just Impressed Me Big Time

Five minutes back I received a call from a Nokia representative, she wanted to know if it was a good time to talk. Luckily I wasn’t in class and could talk. She said she was calling in regard to my recently purchased Nokia 5800 Xpress Music device. She wanted to know if I was facing any problems with the device?

Nokia Has Just Impressed Me Big Time

Since I have one of the first few batches of the device, I have faulty earpiece, a problem Nokia has acknowledged themselves. So I told her about the issue and the general lack of volume from the earpiece. Next, she said that Nokia was aware of the problem and would like to help get it fixed pronto. Her next question was whether I was okay with a Nokia Service center nearby to my place getting in touch with me in order to fix the earpiece. She also said they would try and get the job done as soon as possible.


Something like this goes a long way in enhancing customer satisfaction, at least in my book. Everyone can make a mistake but acknowledging it and trying to make sure that customers get the fix too is commendable. Has any one of you go such a call?

Or is it only a Nokia India thing considering the huge sales the device has enjoyed here? Whatever it may be, the bad press has surely got Nokia on its feet!

An Investigation Into The 5800’s Earpiece Woes

Russian website Mobile-Review has been looking into the Nokia 5800’s earpiece woes and has produced a lengthy account of its investigation and the subsequent conclusion. They even have an official statement from Nokia.

Nokia 5800 Earpiece

They used multiple 5800’s in different settings and have come up with the following:

  • How long the phone is going to work before its earpiece breaks down depends on various factors and has nothing to do with the defect of the top right corner of the casing;
  • All broken earpieces have knobby contact surfaces (we examined them with an electron microscope) as well as scuffs all over juncture points;
  • As a rule the 5800’s earpiece works for at least a month before giving up the ghost.

The key conclusion being:

  • The failure occurred only when a working phone was placed in the box with the above mentioned air humidity level, our reference sample that spent two weeks in the same box, but was turned off, didn’t show any signs of this problem.

Basically, the earpieces were faulty and Nokia changed its earpiece suppliers in late January so therefore 5800s made (not bought) February 2009 onwards should be just fine. If you have a 5800 made before then, it is probable that you have a faulty earpiece. The simple solution to this problem is to hand over your 5800 to the Nokia Service Center and get the earpiece replaced.