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New Nokia 5800 Firmware v30 Brings Homescreen Email, Speed & Stability Improvements

The Nokia 5800 has received yet another update in the form of the v30.0.011 firmware. The update helps improve the speed and responsiveness of the device and free up some more RAM for some multitasking goodness. The one things that it adds is a email shortcut on the homescreen for quick access to your email.

Nokia 5800 v30 Firmware

The firmware is available via the Nokia Software Updater (NSU), and is slowly making its way over the air (OTA) as well. If you do not find the update, it means that its not available for your product code yet and that you will have to wait.

If the email shortcut does not show up after the update, try toggling the home screen view from the settings menu. If that doesn’t work, a hard rest should. Although the 5800 supports user data preservation, it is recommended you backup before you update.

[Image via: Sittiphol]