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New Nokia 5800 Firmware v50.0.005 Now Available

The 5800 is one of Nokia’s most successful touch devices and therefore it is no surprise that they keep making it better. The device has now been blessed with the v50 firmware that adds new functionality as well brings the usual bug fixes and enhancements.

New Nokia 5800 Firmware v50.0.005 Now Available

The update is available both via the Nokia Software Updater and over-the-air (OTA) for very few product code as as of now, the device has user data preservation so you can update without loosing any data, once it comes to your product code, although a backup is always recommended.

From the initial reports, key changes include kinetic scrolling in the menu, N97 style alphabet scrolling in the music player, a pre loaded quick office app and an update to the real player among other things. Have you noticed something else? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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New Nokia 5800 Firmware v40.0.005 Now Available – Adds Kinetic Scrolling & A Reworked Homescreen

Nokia has just started rolling out the v40 firmware for the Nokia 5800 via the Nokia Software Updater. The chief changes are the implementation of partial kinetic scrolling to the device and a reworked homescreen to match the new 5530. Other changes include auto-switching to the on screen QWERTY keyboard when you turn the device and a few optimizations to the tap/double-tap selection process and the addition of Ovi Contacts.

The update is now available over the air as yet and may not even show up on the NSU across all regions, as always patience is the key. This update is a definite must do, although if you care about ‘hacking’, it appears that has been blocked with this release.

New Nokia 5800 Firmware v40.0.005 Now Available - Adds Kinetic Scrolling & A Reworked Homescreen

The Nokia 5800 features user-data-preservation (UDP) so you will not loose any data when you update, but backing up the device is still a good idea.

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New Nokia 5800 Firmware v30 Brings Homescreen Email, Speed & Stability Improvements

The Nokia 5800 has received yet another update in the form of the v30.0.011 firmware. The update helps improve the speed and responsiveness of the device and free up some more RAM for some multitasking goodness. The one things that it adds is a email shortcut on the homescreen for quick access to your email.

Nokia 5800 v30 Firmware

The firmware is available via the Nokia Software Updater (NSU), and is slowly making its way over the air (OTA) as well. If you do not find the update, it means that its not available for your product code yet and that you will have to wait.

If the email shortcut does not show up after the update, try toggling the home screen view from the settings menu. If that doesn’t work, a hard rest should. Although the 5800 supports user data preservation, it is recommended you backup before you update.

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Kinetic Scrolling, Enhanced Home Screen Rumoured To Be Coming To The 5800 – Allegedly Confirmed

Another rumour that should get 5800 Xpress Music owners into high spirits has originated out of a meet and greet Nokia Malaysia reportedly held to get feedback from 5800 users and showcase the 5530.

Nokia 5800 Kinetic Scrolling

Nokia is apparently working on a new firmware for the 5800 which should bring kinetic scrolling, an enhanced homescreen, improvements in camera performance and general stability. They are also trying to make the device faster.

A v31 firmware has long been suspected after a screenshot leaked out in a Nokia presentation, may be this could be it. But as always, take rumors with a pinch of salt.

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How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & Nokia 5800

Following on from my previous post about the Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) update which brings compatibility with the latest Nokia devices including S60 5th Edition and Windows 7 is this brief tutorial which explains how to change the product code on a Nokia device in order to update the firmware.

This tutorial should be valid for all Nokia devices and not just the N97, which I have used to demo the procedure. In order to get started, all you need is:

  • A Windows machine.
  • A copy of the NSS Suite which you can get here, or use this direct link.
  • A USB cable to connect the phone to the computer.
  • The device itself.


  • Simply connect your device to the computer in the ‘PC Suite’ mode.
  • Install (use the default configuration, i.e. just keep clicking next during installation) and fire up NSS. You should see the following screen.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • Simply click the lens as shown in the picture above.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • You will see the above screen, next click on ‘Phone Info’ situated next to the top left corner.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • In the ‘Phone Info’ screen, click ‘Read’ to bring up your current product code, HW version etc.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • Next simply click ‘Enable’ next to the product code.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • Fill in the desired product code, I have used a fictitious ‘111111’. Please make sure you fill in the right product code e.g. filling in a NAM product code when your device is a Euro model can cause serious damage when you update. Now press ‘Write’.
  • Nothing will appear to have happened, but your product code would have been changed. To verify hit ‘Read’ once again.
  • That’s it. You have now changed your product code and can fire up the Nokia Software Updater to get the latest firmware.

Please note that I or The Symbian Blog will not be responsible for any damage or liability that results from the above procedure. Please do so at your own risk. Happy updating! If you are wondering about the advantages or disadvantages of updating, look this post up.

NSS Now Supports Nokia S60 5th Edition – Makes Changing The Product Code On Your 5800 Or N97 A Breeze

In what comes as great news for enthusiasts that can’t wait for Nokia to release a firmware for their region/product code, Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) has been updated to include compatibility with all the latest Nokia devices, including ones based on S60 5th Edition.

The advantages of changing a product code and updating are that you can change to a product code that has the firmware available and update, without waiting for Nokia to bring it to your region. It is also helpful in debranding your devices or when you need a firmware with different language packs. The downside is that you may loose warranty or even end up bricking your device if the process is not done properly.

This release also adds supports for the Windows 7 operating system. Download here, or use this direct link. The tutorial on how to use NSS to change the product code and update is here.

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