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The Nokia Digital Design Blogger Meetup Is Today – Get Your Questions In

I have the pleasure of letting you know that I have been invited to a Nokia Digital Design Bootcamp in New Delhi today. The meetup will be an opportunity for us to understand what goes on behind the scenes the create the Nokia UI that we recognize in an instant today.

I especially glad and excited to attend because we will be joined by senior members of the Nokia design team including the Head of Digital Design at Nokia, Nikki Barton. On the agenda is a discussion around Nokia’s Digital Design strategy, the story behind the icons, how gestures are changing the way be use devices and lastly is home screen personalization.

If you like information in the tabulated form:

Nokia People Joining Us:

  • Nikki Barton, (Head of Digital Design)
  • Robert Williams (Design Manager), Nokia Design Studio, London, UK
  • Younghee Jung, (Senior Design Specialist), Nokia Design Studio, London, UK
  • Juliana Ferreira, (Design Specialist, Interaction Design), Nokia Design Studio, London, UK


  • Nokia’s Digital Design Strategy: Consumer insights and how Nokia brings them onto the mobile platform.
  • The story behind icons.
  • Gestures: new ways to interact and integrating the same into Nokia interfaces. Movements which when associated with a device, making it more human and natural.
  • Home screen personalization: How people see their home screen differently.

I am sure all of you will have questions, so please put them down and I will try my best to get answers for you. I will also be tweeting live from the event, so make sure you follow @TheSymbianBlog for the latest. You can also follow the #NokDesign hashtag for updates from other bloggers as well.