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Introducing The Handwriting Calculator

An interesting new application called ‘Nokia Handwriting Calculator‘ has just come out of the Nokia Beta Labs. The application’s function is to allow you to calculate handwritten math expressions with a touch-screen Nokia device that includes, both the Tablets and S60 Touch. While it is nothing groundbreaking, Nokia is using it to demonstrate its new handwriting recognition technology.  What comes as a suprise is that there even exists a Windows version. (Screenshot above – click to enlarge).

The reason for creating a windows variant was perhaps just to allow a broad range of people to experience this technology as both the Tablets and S60 Touch do not have wide penetration yet. Handwriting regognition has existed in devices for a long time now, but that mostly has been for text input, this application is perhaps a change towards more handwriting centric applications.

Here is a video introducting the same by Ilkka Peltola.


Via: Beta Labs