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Nokia’s Ovi Music Unlimited Deserves More Credit Than It Receives

When ‘Comes With Music’ was first launched, I was skeptical. There were obvious evils, DRM’d tracks, additional cost for the service when you could get the same handset for cheaper without it, a not so stellar PC client, no Mac support to name the popular ones. The rollout of CWM devices was slow, scattered and thus adoption slow. It never really got the popularity that some of Nokia’s other Ovi services such as Maps received and didn’t become a huge selling point. That should change, here’s why.

Nokia's Ovi Music Unlimited Deserves More Credit Than It Receives

The price at which the N8 sells in India, is the cheapest anywhere in the world. Despite that, it comes with a subscription to Ovi Music Unlimited, essentially giving you access to over 4 million songs for the grand price of free. The Nokia N8 is my first ‘Comes With Music’ device, or rather my first ‘Ovi Music Unlimited’ device as Nokia would have me say. Read on to find out my experience with the store.

Till now you had to scratch the Nokia Music Store voucher, retrieve the pin, enter it on the music.ovi.com portal and then get access to the music. With the N8, everything was seamless, you sign in with your Ovi account in the beginning and everything is activated automatically, no scratching for a pin, nothing. The phone automatically receives the activation PIN code as a text message, but you never really have to use it. Infact, you can start downloading even without signing in to your Ovi Account, that’s only needed if you want to use the service on the PC as well.

Once you launch the Ovi Music app on the mobile, you see a neatly organised music store with the latest popular releases highlighted and options to get to other genres, playlists and so on. If it is an album you are browsing, there is a neat download all button at the top or you can choose to download tracks individually as well.

Nokia's Ovi Music Unlimited Deserves More Credit Than It Receives Nokia's Ovi Music Unlimited Deserves More Credit Than It Receives

However, if you are browsing music by playlists, charts or any other medium that is not a album you will not be able to download all tracks in one go. I do hope an update to the client brings this ability as well. Another thing I would like to see is the ability to mark tracks in one go and then download the selection.

Nokia's Ovi Music Unlimited Deserves More Credit Than It Receives Nokia's Ovi Music Unlimited Deserves More Credit Than It Receives

Everytime you open Ovi Music app, it automatically signs you in and takes you to the store selection page, so it takes about 5 seconds by the time you actually get to the store, its not a huge irritant, but Nokia would do well to make this even more seamless. Other than that the store is easy enough to navigate and the search works well.

In India, Ovi Music comes with over 150 local labels (T-Series, Yash Raj Music, Venus, Saregama, Tips), along with support for the major international labels. Add to that music in regional languages such as Malayalam, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil and Marathi. I need not go into the depth of the Ovi Music library, suffice it to say you will even be able to find 50 year old music that otherwise would be next to impossible to find.

One major nicety about music downloaded from the Ovi Music Store is than all the meta-data is there, artist/album information, album art and so on. On the new Symbian^3 devices, it a pleasure to scroll through music this way and it continuously makes you want to download more.

Nokia's Ovi Music Unlimited Deserves More Credit Than It Receives

Under the ‘Ovi Music Unlimited’ service, all tracks that you download come with DRM restrictions and I can already see a lot of you moan. However, the N8 doesn’t make you feel bound. There is a 3.5mm jack for headphones, you can even play music over the HDMI connector, over bluetooth headphones and to top it all there is an FM transmitter. Then, if you have friends who also happen to have a ‘OMU’ device, you can share music between yourselves via bluetooth or otherwise. If you work on a Windows computer, then your desktop needs are settled too. Not only is the Ovi Music Client for PC’s in India much lighter (3MB v 60 MB) but you can also use multiple PC’s to download music to your phone, that’s a lot of freedom considering you are dealing with DRM’d tracks here.

What I liked:

  • Millions of songs, free to download.
  • Built in OMU cost, the N8 still cheapest compared to anywhere in the world.
  • Ability to download complete albums in one go, on the go.
  • 30 second live streaming previews which help you decided if you want to download the song.

What could be better:

  • The startup/loading time of the app.
  • Ability to select individual songs from an album/playlist and download them in one go.
  • Work with developers like Shazam to make an version that identifies the song, and then lets you download it straight from the Ovi Music Store.

All in all, Ovi Music Unlimited is a much bigger deal that I thought. Infact, it has become my most used Ovi service, I might use the store a few times a week or maps to navigate once a week, but when you know there is so much music just waiting to be heard, you visit much more often. It is also one of the major reasons why I like the N8. Ovi Music Unlimited along with the FM transmitter makes it the best portable music player on the planet, far ahead of anything Apple with its iTunes can achieve. Armed with an app like Shazam, Ovi Music Unlimited could be a music enthusiast’s dream.

Get Yourself A Nokia At 0% Interest Spread Over 3 Monthy Installments

On the drive to work today I caught a Nokia advertisement on the radio and decided to do a bit of digging. Apparently Nokia India has introduced a scheme under which you can buy your favourite Nokia device and pay in 3 monthly installments and that too at 0% interest.

Get Yourself A Nokia At 0% Interest Spread Over 3 Monthy Installments

The scheme is valid for any Nokia device above the Rs. 7000 mark and is available in eight Indian cities that include NCR (Delhi-Gurgaon-Noida), Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh. This facility is only available when you pay via your Citibank, HDFC Bank, Standard Chartered or ICICI Bank credit card. Considering how popular these banks, I guess most of you will be covered.

So if you have waiting to buy that favourite Nokia device or accessory, now may be the time.

[via: MobilGyaan]

Nokia Messaging & Mail For Exchange – Tips & Tricks

Nokia India has been busy recently and they’ve come up with some really helpful videos in the form of tips and tricks to keep in mind while using Nokia Messaging or Mail For Exchange on QWERTY devices like the E72 and non QWERTY ones like the E52. There are a bunch of shortcuts shown off and if you are new to Mail for Exchange or Nokia Messaging, there are even videos to helpful you set them up on your very own devices.

  • Tips & Tricks For Nokia Messaging On The E72 & E52

  • Tips & Tricks For Mail For Exchange On The E72

  • How To Setup Nokia Messaging

  • How To Setup Mail For Exchange

Announcing The Maemo Masters Invitational

The N900 is finally in India, is seven months late, but is still a compelling device. I am sure a lot of you in are in the market for an N900 and this post should bring a cheer to you.

We have  teamed up with Nokia India to host the ‘Maemo Masters Invitational‘ in which I will be able to invite 25 of you to purchase a ‘Maemo Masters Edition’ of the N900. The best part is that it will cost the same as the N900 you can buy at your local store, but will come with a bunch of really nice goodies.

  • The Nokia N900 of course.
  • A pair of BH-214 Bluetooth Headphones.
  • A specially crafted ‘Maemo Master’ T-shirt.
  • The official Nokia title of a ‘Maemo Master’.

I will be randomly selecting 5 names each week, for the next 5 weeks and the names of the winners will be revealed on the Maemo Masters blog every week (first set of winners announced on June 15th). A few days ago I had received a package of my own from Nokia India and this is what it was.

To enter this week’s challenge to become a ‘Maemo Master’ and get invited to purchase the Maemo Masters Edition of the N900, all you need to do is answers the following questions in the comments section below.

  • Question 1. – Right out of the box, what operating system does the N900 run? (Hint: M_e_o 5)
  • Question 2. – What was The MeeGo Blog formerly called? (Hint: Look under the title)

Good luck!

Hit MaemoMasters.com for all the rules and finer details.

Nokia, BlackBerry, N8, Success.

Nokia is evolving, or so they say. If you look at the facts, you’d have to agree, their services finally look like taking shape. Nokia Messaging has been pretty solid for the past few months, Ovi Maps is great and the others I don’t care much for right now. I loved Share on Ovi, but then they revamped (small resolution embeds, small display size)  it and since then, me and a lot of other people have been forced to looked away. But on the whole their services portfolio is much better than the state it was in last year and the deal with Yahoo! should help even more.

Nokia, Blackberry, N8, Success

Back to their devices. In my book Nokia launched two or three really nice devices last year – the N900, The E72 and the E52. Unfortunately, both the N900 and E52 have been late in coming to India. So that left people here with just the E72 as the Eseries flagship and the N97 Mini. They probably understood that people were looking for more, so they started pushing their GPS based Ovi Maps devices by bundling a free car charger an an in-car dock, another awesome move.

So despite doing some really nice things why did I see Nokia slide this past year? Lets come back to the E72. I have it and I love it to bits. Its a really nice device that packs a good camera, has a great keyboard, fast OS, music capabilities and pretty much beats any business smartphone by a mile. Plus at about 400$ or less, it is priced well.

Yet, when I look around I see more and more people getting a Blackberry, low end, high end it doesn’t matter as long as its a Blackberry, its almost become a flaunt symbol. I see people sharing their BB pins’ on Facebook as status messages and what not. But if you compare the top end Blackberry which is at least 150$ more expensive to the E72, it fails to match the E72’s feature set. The people I am talking about are not corporates who need BlackBerrys for specific email solutions but people who use Gmail. Its as if the BB brand has taken off. I am not sure why this is happening, it could be because celebrities on Twitter have ‘sent from my BB’ in their tweets, or that there is no seemingly premium device in the E72 form factor. Perhaps Nokia needs a portrait QWERTY with metal and a leather back.

Obviously this is not a good thing for Nokia. Such behavior might not affect profits in the small term but will affect brand value in the long run, something which is critical. The Nokia brand has been talking a beating lately, but in India it is still very strong and people here love Symbian. Infact you will probably find more Symbian advocates in India than anywhere else in the world. This advantage they should not let go of.

Now lets look at the Nokia N8. I am not sure if Nokia was forced to announce the N8 early or it was their plan all along, but if I had a bit of say, this is what I would do. First announce the N8 in late May, show it off to a few people around the world, let them talk about it. Push it aggressively, demo it, showcase its capabilities and then open pre-orders one week before WWDC. You want a foothold in the US? You will not get it by waiting for Apple to announce the next iPhone, see people buy it in droves and then offer your device a month later when everyone has bought the iPhone. At least give your device a fighting chance.

I would love to see Nokia come up with strong aggressive campaign to get their brand value back on track. Take the competition head on, pleasantly surprise the everyone at Nokia World.

Nokia India Finally Begins To List Phone Prices

Nokia India has no online store to enable you to buy devices online and because of that for a long time the Nokia India website has just listed the devices and their specifications without mentioning the price. That has thankfully changed, now you are presented with the devices along with their respective prices so it is easier to plan your next buy and compare phones.

Nokia India Finally Begins To Show Phone Prices

The one thing that I have noticed that the prices displayed are more than what you will be quoted at your local Nokia Priority Dealer. If you are looking for exact rates, another retailer The Mobile Store has pretty accurate prices on their website.

I hope Nokia India takes this seriously and updates the price list often.