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Nokia India’s Official Statement On ‘Govt. Bans Nokia Messaging’ Reports

There have been numerous reports about how the DoT has banned Nokia’s popular Nokia Messaging services in India. However, as you many have noticed Nokia Messaging continues to run just fine till date, so I reached out to Nokia India to request an official response.

Nokia India's Official Statement On 'Govt. Bans Nokia Messaging' Reports

Here is what they have to say:

“As we have not received the mentioned notice, we are not able to comment on it.

Our push email services are operator agnostic and can be experienced by consumers across operator networks on a host of Nokia devices. At this time we are not aware of any operator restriction on access by consumers to our service.

It is our endeavor to fully comply with all applicable legal requirements wherever we operate. In offering our services in India, we have adhered to the rules and regulations required by the Indian Government and will continue to do so in the interest of national security and public safety”.

That’s more than enough reassurance from Nokia. Its basically saying that right now there seems to be no problem and if the government in fact does put its foot down, Nokia is more than willing to comply with whatever requirements the government lays out. This is in line with their previous statement given on August 30 that they will setup servers in India to facilitate compliance. The bottomline seams to be that unlike BlackBerry, which refuses to allow the government to monitor email on its services and risks a complete ban, Nokia will take all steps necessary to make sure that there is no outage.

[Update: Nokia’s India servers have been up since December.]

That’s not all, R Chandrashekhar, Secretary, Department of Telecom has in an interview to Business Standard stated that, no directions have been issued to Nokia to ban its push-mail services.

Q. Has the department (DoT) issued any directive to Nokia for banning of its push-mail services?

A. We have not issued any such directive but there have been some references from the home ministry and security agencies saying that such services should not be allowed. We have, so far, not issued a ban or any blanket ban on such services. We are still looking at such security issues internally. All the services which use encryption in one form or the other are being looked at. The issues here are not company-specific, but being looked at from a generic point of view and what is required from a security point of view.”

Fair enough.

Its sometimes funny how the Internet spins things out of proportion.

Default HTML Email View Finally Comes To S60 3.2 Devices Like The E72

The pre-loaded email client on S60 3.2 devices has the ability to display your emails in HTML, however it requires you to manually select the HTML view each time you open a new email. Fortunately, that’s now history as new Nokia Email 3.05 beta brings default HTML view and a bunch of other improvements to your Nokia E72, Nokia E73, Nokia E52, Nokia E5-00, or Nokia C5.

Default HTML Email View Finally Comes To S60 3.2 Devices Like The E72

The update also brings support for data encryption, a new logging system, updated autolock security and fixes for your sync problems. The beta labs website has a handy list of changes:

  • Open emails in HTML view directly
  • The policy of Data Encryption on device is supported now. This increases security by encrypting all data on the phone memory including Email, contacts & calendar data.
  • New Logging system to speed up problem solving in Email area
  • Autolock security policy supported now with complex password rules
  • Email signature is lengthened (from 256 characters to 2000) for all kinds of mailboxes.
  • Embedded image is supported now in email editor
  • Solved some key synchronization issues.
  • Fixes for tens of critical errors.

While its good to see Nokia still providing updates for some of these slightly older devices, I dare say the update could have come much sooner.

A Look At The Email Client On The Nokia N8

One of the things that will be completely different on the N8 will be its inbuilt email client, which comes with support for Nokia Messaging, Mail for Exchange and Lotus Notes Traveler. There’s also HTML viewing of email by default, pinch to zoom inside the email, quick switching between upto 10 accounts and a bunch of other neat changes.

So if you were wondering what sort of email experience awaits you on the Nokia N8, wait no more.

One of the things that I have wanted Nokia Messaging to improve on has been the speed of the client, the loading times are masked by the transitions in some of the older devices and with the N8 I wanted everything to be blazing fast. The does show a marked improvement, but I will pass final judgement once I have the N8 with me.

What do you think of the new client?

Nokia Messaging Hits The Nokia 5800

The wait for all you S60 5th Edition owners is over, the beta labs has just churned out the latest beta of the Nokia Messaging client for the Nokia 5800 and the upcoming N97. It packs the Nokia Messaging usuals like Push email delivery, IMAP subfolders and mobilizing up to ten mailboxes including Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo! and Gmail.

Some of the highlights specific to the S60 5.0 client:

  • Even easier program navigation with support for ‘tap & hold’ contextual functionality
  • The client is completely fingertip-operated, no stylus required
  • Functions both in landscape and portrait views
  • Message previews in the inbox view
  • Displays address book contact photos in messages