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Nokia Music India Gets Festive – Offers 100 Free Tracks

Just after offering 5 free tracks of your choice for free, the Nokia Music Store India has decided to get even more festive and  is now offering 100 free tracks from across different genres such as Bollywood, international and devotional. You can get downloading by simply clicking through to this link.

Nokia Music India Gets Festive - Offers 100 Free Tracks

From what I have seen of the music on offer, there quite a few popular tracks in the mix. So if you have been wanting to try out the Nokia Music Store experience, this is a great opportunity to do just that.

Reactions From The Nokia Music Bootcamp

Like I had mentioned, Nokia India on recently conducted a music bootcamp for bloggers to give us a demo on the recently gone live, ‘Nokia Music Store – India’ and also share insight on their plans for the phased rollout of the store. If you recall, Nokia India had previously held a similar blogger meetup with Mr. Axel Meyer, when the N97 came to India and I cannot overemphasize how glad I am that Nokia India has started holding such events here in India as well.

Reactions From The Nokia Music Bootcamp

As always, the event was very well hosted and we had some meaningful conversations over drinks and dinner. But before I give you my reactions on the store, here are a few key takes aways from the bootcamp:

  • The X3 and X6 are coming to India.
  • We should start seeing the first ‘Comes with Music’ devices in Q1 next year.
  • The lack of credit card based purchase was a thought-out and conscious decision by Nokia India.
  • No specifics, but the DRM free rollout will be in line with the rest of the world.
  • Nokia will be piloting a voucher based system for purchasing tracks from the store, no word on pricing yet.
  • The vouchers will be similar to the way you can now purchase N-Gage games in certain cities from Nokia Priority Dealers.
  • Credit card based billing may be rolled out in the future.

The one thing that bothers me is the fact that as of now the ways to utilize this huge collection of songs is very limited. You can get a new device and download music but that will be restricted to a fixed number of tracks (e.g. 100) depending on what device you buy. The voucher system isn’t in place, credit card purchase is a no-go and comes with music isn’t coming till next year. Therefore, because of this, it will only be in a few months that we start to see the true potential of the store being realized. The silver line is the free tracks of the week section that is available to everyone.

As far as the store is concerned, the sheer diversity is quite impressive and the interface is not bad at all. Transferring music is a breeze and the PC application has greatly improved from when we first saw it and is much faster now. Infact, Nokia is even getting into agreements with a Artists/Bands to exclusive launch their music on the Nokia Music Store first.

Coming back to the fun part, Nokia had invited a band called Advaita to perform at the event and here is a snippet of their riveting performance.

Nokia Music Store Now Live In India

If you have been following TheSymbianBlog for a long time you will recall that we brought you a preview of Nokia’s soft launch of the Indian variant of the Music Store a while ago. Today, Nokia has officially launched it.

Nokia Music Store India

It seems that for now you will not be able to buy tracks or albums but only use the store with a pin that will be provided via vouchers in all XpressMusic handsets and select Nseries devices and Eseries devices  such as N97,  N86 , E71, E63 amongst others. Three new music devices have also been announced – Nokia 5630, Nokia 5530 and Nokia 5230.

Nokia Music Store can be accessed via your desktop and mobile and gives options to choose from over 3 million tracks. Once the Nokia Music client is installed on your desktop, you can access the entire store, browse through tracks, search by artists and genres, create your wish list and download songs from the store.

Other highlights of the Nokia Music Store include the ability to listen to a 30 second clip of any track on the store before downloading it. You can browse for new music, get recommendations or search for their favorite artists, songs or albums all from the palm of their hand. You can download directly to a mobile device without having to download the same song again on their computer. You will also be able to transfer songs via a PC to compatible Nokia devices.

You also get free tracks of the week which can be downloaded from free. The store comes as a default client with all compatible handsets. You can access international, Bollywood and regonal sound tracks across all genres.

To deliver the most updated content Nokia has tied up with leading international music labels such as Universal Music Group, Sony Music, EMI and Warner and major independent Indian record labels including Tseries, Yashraj Music, Saregama, BIG Music, Venus and many more. The company has partnered with India’s leading music body, Indian Music Industry (IMI), a consortium of over 150 music companies, to give consumers an opportunity to discover and enjoy their favorite music on the go across genres and languages. Nokia has also signed up with GIRI and Phoneytunes for access to South India and North regional content respectively.

To begin with Nokia Music Store will be available in India on Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, Nokia 5310 XpressMusic, Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, Nokia 7210,  N97,  N86, E63 and E71.

First Look: Nokia Music Store Launches In India

In what should come as great news for music and Nokia enthusiasts, the Nokia Music Store has gone live in India. To my pleasant surprise the store seemed to carry a large selection of Indian music across different genres, which included music in regional Indian languages as well. The reason I was surprised was because India not only has major labels like Universal or Sony, but also a large group of local ones, which I’m glad to say Nokia has been able to get onboard, as promised. You can also find international music as well.

This however, seems to me to be a soft launch as I could not purchase music using my credit card, for now the only way to get music from the store is to have  a ‘promotional pin’.

Here are a few screenshots from my laptop as well as the N97 so you can get an idea of how it works on a computer and a ‘mobile computer’, something Nokia likes to call the N97.

Nokia Music Store India

(Click to enlarge)

Nokia Music Store India

(From the N97’s Music Application)

Nokia Music Store India

(This was the first time it look me to the ‘India’ store)

Nokia Music Store India

(The first page that loads)

Nokia Music Store India

(The music is grouped under different categories)

Nokia Music Store India

(The latest Hindi film music collection seemed a little low)

Nokia Music Store India

(I can’t imagine how any of these would be a ‘Top Album’, anyway)

Nokia Music Store India

(The playlist features a nice selection of old and new tracks)

Nokia Music Store India

(If you like a track and click on it, you get three options as symbolised above. The first is the option to listen to a 30 second clip of the track, the next is to add it to your ‘Wishlist’ and the last is ‘Download/Buy’)

Nokia Music Store India

(Clicking on the three lined button (under back) brings up this menu)

Nokia Music Store India

(The button under the above (the key) brings you to this screen if you have not signed in or registered. Else it takes you to your account where you have options such as ‘Wishlist’ and ‘Payment Details’)

Sadly since you cannot purchase music as yet (at least I couldn’t) I could not ascertain the prices at which songs and albums would be offered. My experience on the N97 was pretty good, however when I fired up my Mac to check it out in detail, I was greeted by the following.

Nokia Music Store Not Supported

I tried Safari and Opera as well with no luck. I fired my Windows laptop only to be greeted by the same screen again. The problem was that I was using Firefox, I needed to use IE. Nokia please support a larger number of browsers and OS’s, I am sure the support will come at some point but we need it now other wise a lot of people will miss out on the ‘integrated experience’. To a large extent, the ‘first impression is the last impression’.

On a positive note, we should see ‘Comes With Music’ devices hit India soon!