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Demo & How To Connect A Bluetooth Mouse & Keyboard To The Nokia N8

I have wanted this on my smartphone since 2007 and when I finally had the N8 in my hands, hooking it up via HDMI and connecting a bluetooth mouse and keyboard was the first thing I did. At first I glance the ability to connect a bluetooth and mouse seems like something you wouldn’t use very often. However, over the last few days of sight seeing around Edinburgh, I have found the N8 plugged in to the television more often than not to see how the day’s photos and videos had gone. In such a situation, a bluetooth mouse would mean than you don’t have to sit bang next to the TV an can control the phone from a distance and enjoy the media with ease. Also great if you use the N8 as a portable HD player with its HDMI out and Dolby 5.1 sound.

I have put together a demo of how this is done, what options are available and what shortcuts you can use from the mouse and the keyboard when connected. Once you look at how easy browsing through images and video this makes, you agree this is a pretty cool feature.

(Watch the video in HD)

Here’s the best part, the ability to connect bluetooth peripherals is part of the Symbian^3 software and not just limited to the N8. Sweet?