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NFS Shift On The Nokia N8: Serious Gaming Potential

The Nokia N8 has a dedicated graphics processor that takes the load off its other 680 MHz processor when you are playing games, showing off pictures and with other graphics related tasks. Till today, I hadn’t really seen it in action but at ‘An Evening With Ovi‘ I did some gaming on the N8, with Asphalt and NFS Shift and I have to say it was pretty nice.

We had the N8 hooked up via HDMI to a large screen television and here is what the experience was like.

(Play the video in HD to get a better idea of the crisp and pretty smooth experience)

NFS Shift will hit the Ovi Store once the N8 starts shipping and there will be a bunch of games that take advantage of its faster processing capabilities, looks like Symbian and great gaming will go hand in hand once again.

Another Nokia N8 TV Ad Is Out – This Time With Great Background Music

I really like what Nokia is doing with the N8. First the unboxing, and now this ‘‪it’s not technology, it’s what will you do with it‘ advertisement. Its cool, hip and has a great background score that is very hard to forget, it just sticks to you.

You know what else is nice? It just doesn’t show the N8, but some of the other Nokia superhits like the N95 and the E71 and on a sub-conscious level you start equating the N8 to success. At least I do.

I’d love to get hold of the background track for this ad without the ambient noises, seems perfect for a ringtone.

[via: Daily Mobile]

The Nokia N8 Stars In Probably The Coolest Unboxing Of Our Time

The Nokia N8 Stars In Probably The Coolest Unboxing Of Our TimeI have already brought you some delicious unboxing pictures of the Nokia N8, but whatever you have seen until now pales in comparison to what Nokia have done here. They’ve made a super interactive N8 unboxing that features Brenda, Suzy (who claims she’s hot! & I don’t disagree at all!) and Ryan to unbox the Blue, Dark Grey and Green N8 in what is a first of its kind video.

You can pick an unboxer of your choice and they then go onto unbox the N8 in their own style and have different options to go into the detailed functionality. I suggest watching all versions as they not only are entertaining but so well executed that I virtually guarantee that you will want a N8 once you are done watching them.

But if that wasn’t cool enough, Nokia also got Ryan to send me a personal message about the Nokia N8 unboxing video. Thanks a ton guys!

What do I make of this unboxing? I doubt anyone will want to watch the usual blogger unboxings anymore! But on a more serious note, its great to see Nokia come out with such an aggressive campaign, a couple of notches over the N900 version. The N8 story should be loud, brash and even abrasive. Nokia has to once again become that cool, talked about company and videos with Pamela Anderson and unboxings such as the above are certainly the way to go.

Credit where its due – Nokia Marketing, you guys deserve a pat on the back for this one. Really. Oh, just one more thing, make sure pre-orders are a go everwhere you want to sell this thing. People will want one.

Five Nokia N8 Ads

I have just come across five very different ads for the Nokia N8. Not only are they in Chinese, buy the way they are done is very far drawn from what you expect from usual advertisements. I haven’t seen many Chinese ads, so may be this form of marketing is what works there.

The first one is perhaps the most entertaining for non Chinese speaking people and has a ton of effects that make the N8 look incredibly cool.

What sort of marketing campaign are you expecting from Nokia for the N8 in your region? The usual highlight the features and be done with it or focus on an activity/emotion and keep the N8 in the background sort of ads?

Hat tip to Chris for the find!

Pinch To Zoom In Ovi Maps Possible On The Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 features a 3.5″ capacitive multitouch display, but till the last time I say it, only a few apps such as the browser, photos and the email client were able to use the multitouch capabilities. One place that I would have loved to see multitouch work was Ovi Maps but it didn’t support it at that time. However courtesy @Camb078 I have just stumbled on the following video that shows pinch to zoom working inside Ovi Maps on the Nokia N8.

I personally love Ovi Maps and this make the whole experience much better. Skip to the last one minute of the video to see pinch to zoom in action.

Nokia is really working on making the whole N8 experience amazing and I will be happy to wait for a perfect device than see a rushed firmware. Multitouch on the keyboard next?

Initial Impressions Of The Nokia N8: Raw Potential

Nokia has a lot riding on the N8, not only is its market share in jeopardy but perhaps more importantly its down in the mindshare and brand perception department. The idea that Nokia can no longer make a decent high-end smartphone, fuelled by the media is causing serious damage to its reputation. While this is not the case in countries like India, the fact that they were late to the dual SIM party has not helped things. Nokia hopes that the N8 will mark the start of that turn around, and in this post I examine if that is a relevant possibility.

Initial Impressions Of The Nokia N8

First things first, my initial impressions are based on a proto N8 running the pre PR 1.0 v11.004 firmware so things might change (hopefully for the better) by the time it hits stores. As soon as you pickup the N8, you get a feel of premium. The build quality is nothing short of excellent and the whole metal finish really stands out. All the different N8 colours pop out and each has the power to attract a hoard of fans. As I saw for myself, the anodized aluminum construction is also highly scratch resistant, you can take a pen and scratch it without there being even a simple mark caused and if you like taking care of your phone, this is very heartening to see.

Initial Impressions Of The Nokia N8

Our preview had started off with a demo of the Nokia N8 playing a 720P action clip, broadcast via HDMI with Dolby surround sound. Needless to say, its an incredible experience and you cannot help but marvel at how such a tiny thing could be powering such great entertainment. How often you use this functionality in real life is up for debate, but the day you do the N8 will feel worth it.

I was also very keen on seeing the N8’s USB on-the-go performance as this is something I have craved for a long time and it did not disappoint. Once connected, the flash drive/external hard drive/another phone behaves as if the data were residing inside the N8 and you can copy, send, playback everything without any fuss. Infact, our N8 video demo clip was probably being played off a USB stick which was connected to the Nokia N8.

Initial Impressions Of The Nokia N8

Moving onto the N8’s OLED capacitive display. It is by far the best screen that Nokia’s shipped and coupled with the fact that it just need a finger touch for navigation, the whole Symbian ^3 experience becomes much better. Sunlight visibility is not a huge problem and you should be able to get along fine if you pump up the brightness.

Initial Impressions Of The Nokia N8

Since the N8 also uses a faster processor and a dedicated GPU, application opening and performance is also much better than current Nokia devices and this is indeed very welcome. I wouldn’t say that everything was flying but it was much faster. (Please keep in mind that these impressions are based of a play with a proto, so things will probably get even better by the time the N8 ships).

Another thing that helps the N8 experience is the contextual menus that pop-up on a long press. This eliminates the need to go through menus and makes get navigation around the UI much faster and pleasing. The phone also features a new Nokia Messaging client which is a marked improvement over the current version. The N8 also packs a new social network client simply called ‘Social’ and it integrates both Facebook and Twitter, there is a homescreen widget too. The Ovi Store app has also been worked upon and ensures a much better experience.

The one thing that disappointed on the Nokia N8 was its Web Browser, it is 2010 and you still cannot open a new window manually. In this time and age, that’s just not on. The browser UI has been worked a little to allow for better utilisation of space but at the end of the day, even with work arounds it doesn’t match up to the competition; although it has its strengths in support for flash content and pinch to zoom. I was told that the Nokia N8 browser would be getting an upgrade later this year and I hope it brings the new Qt browser that Nokia is rumoured to be working upon rather than just more tweaks to the current version.

Coming to the N8’s mainstay, its 12 Megapixel Camera. The camera UI is new and the time from pressing the camera button to the N8 taking the shot is under 5 seconds. The time between shots is also barely a couple of seconds and this makes the camera experience very pleasing. You have already seen a bunch of Nokia N8 camera samples and it does not disappoint at all. The video capture is carried out at 25 frames a second and anything further than about 60 cm remains in focus using the N8’s new  hyper-focal distance system that Nokia has implemented. The feedback from the N8’s camera button is wonderful, it is perhaps the best physical button I have come across. I have no doubt that the N8 will be the best camera phone in the market by a wide margin once it goes on sale.

Initial Impressions Of The Nokia N8

Coming to the N8’s loudspeaker. It’s a mono speaker located under the Xenon flash on the back and thus liable to be muffled when the phone is kept on its back. As far as its ‘loud’ quotient goes, it just about manages to come close to say the Nokia N900 or N97 but doesn’t quite match up to the 5800 Xpress Music. But since I was testing it in a noisy environment, I will reserve final judgment till I play with the final version.

I see a lot of good things in the N8, Divx playback, capacitive display, multitouch, the freshness of Symbian ^3, USB on-the-go, HDMI out, Dolby 5.1 and of course the camera. The N8 even with proto software seemed stable enough and if Nokia can release it with a rock stable firmware I can see the N8 flying of the shelves.

The number one reason people are doubting their N8 purchase is because they are not sure if it will get Symbian ^4, my personal belief is that it won’t. However, if Nokia can make a public announcement promising an update to the browser and pledging to support the OS, it will greatly help the market sentiment. The perception that Symbian ^3 is a transitory and will become irrelevant, must go.

The Nokia N8 is well and truly shaping up to be a long awaited success for Nokia, time and again they have resisted from calling it a high-end flagship and if they can stick to the price that it was announced at, we might truly have a winner in our hands. At the current stage I will have to give the N8 a 8/10 but if the browser gets updated and we get Swype for text entry, that score will easily rise to 9.5/10 for me.

If you are looking for more N8 coverage, we have already brought you unboxing pictures, a large gallery of the different colours of the Nokia N8 along with comparison shots with different devices. There are two 10 minute videos of a hands on play with the N8 as well, part one and part two.

Have any questions, please let me know in the comments section below.