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Nokia N9 Includes An FM Transmitter & Receiver, No Software To Take Advantage Of That Yet

Here is some great news for those of you who love FM transmitters on your Nokia devices, the N9 indeed has support for both an FM transmitter and receiver, the only hitch is that there is no software to take advantage of it, yet.

I personally am a huge fan of FM transmitters on Nokia devices, it is something only they seem to put in smartphones and I would very much like Nokia to keep doing that, its an extremely convenient and wireless way to share music and even the not so technically inclined people love it. FM Radio is also a nice thing to have in case you get bored on your own music collection.

The confirmation comes from Nokia’s very own Quim Gil on the MeeGo Forums. If you recall the Nokia N800, N810 and even the N900 all shipped with an FM receiver, but without software to take advantage of that functionality. I am hoping some of the smart hackers of the community can figure out a way to get these things working by the time the N9 ships commercially.

Major props to @mwkn for the heads up!