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Online Retailer Lists The Nokia N9, Says Expected In India Come October

Online retailer Indiaplaza has listed the Nokia N9 on its website, with an expected availability date of October 2011. They’ve even gone on to list the price at a cool Rs. 32,368 which translates to a little over 700$. There is no word on whether this is the price for the 16 GB version or the 64 GB black variant.

But before you get your hopes up, for all we know the Indiaplaza page might just be a placeholder or something they’ve put up to draw more visitors. A quick query on Twitter told me that Indiaplaza’s reputation isn’t right up there with the best, so take this with a pinch of salt.

That being said, the N9 India page does say that the device will have manufacturer’s warranty and that means Indiaplaza will not be importing and selling the N9 on their own, but officially via Nokia.

The markets for the N9 have increased since the initial 23 country announcement and we’ve had reason to suspect that the N9 might be coming to India. The N900 came to India very late in the product’s life cycle, here’s hoping Nokia won’t make the same mistake twice.

Thanks for the tip, Avinash Shenoy.

[Update: It seems that the N9 has disappeared from India Plaza’s website. So much for that].

Nokia N9 Official Countdown Starts, 49 Days To Go?

We finally have official word on when the Nokia N9 will launch – 49 days from today. The official countdown has gone live on the Nokia Sweden N9 page, so the launch date will probably be just valid for Sweden, but it does give us a pretty accurate estimate of when we can expect the device in other parts of the world.

Nokia Sweden has been at the fore-front of N9 marketing, they’re even giving 30 N9’s away. There is still no clarity on the which countries will get the N9, but we now know that the list has grown from the original 23 and includes South Africa, Italy, Brazil etc.

[via: Engadget]

Here’s What You Needed To Do To Win The N9 Seconds Competition

The brilliant N9 Seconds competition, after giving people around the world sleepless nights and barely productive days at work, is now over. With that comes an end to the misery of not being able to break the codes, which I’m sure all of us have spent countless hours over. So if you’re wondering what exactly you had to do in order to break the code and win yourself a Nokia N9, wonder no more as the Nseries blog has published a key.

All The #N9Seconds Codes Explained

Some were easy, some hard and some codes needed your to be a certified geek before you could get close. As you will see, you were very close to cracking some of them, even the hard ones. I know I was.

Many congratulations to the 20 winners and to Nokia for pulling off an exceedingly exciting competition. We can’t wait for the next one! For now, head over to the Nseries blog.

Nokia N9 HD Video & Photo Samples

While we wait for Nokia to ship the N9, here’s something to give you a taste of the HD video capture goodness inside it. Bill Perry has taken 30 videos from a pre-production N9 and stitched them into one 2 minute clip that shows-off the N9’s capabilities capturing close-ups, how it handles direct sunlight and the detail that it can pull off.

He also point out that the only editing done in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 was to adjust the duration of each clip to sync with the music and that no color correction or any other type of post production was done. You’ll agree, the results are pretty impressive.

Next, if you’d also like a taste of what still capture of the N9 is like, Bill’s uploaded three shots. The pictures were taken with the default camera settings – Scene (Automatic), Flash (Automatic), White Balance (Automatic), Light Sensitivity (Automatic), Aspect ratio (16:9), and Resolution (High).

You can click on each image to view them in the full 3552 x 2000 glory.

Nokia N9 Photo Samples

Nokia N9 Photo Samples

Nokia N9 Photo Sample

The Nokia N9 might not be the N8, but it is definitely shaping up to be a camera phone that you’ll be more than happy to bank on for your everyday needs. Nokia, just ship it already!

Post Q2 Results, Should Nokia Rethink Its N9 Strategy?

The people at the helm at Nokia could see this and say, heh, do you even know our N9 strategy? Or may be that you’re missing the bigger picture, and how its now a war of ecosystems. I get that. This is in part a rant and in part a post on thinking aloud about what could Nokia do to stem the impending bloodbath that the next two quarters would bring.

We could all get together and blame Nokia’s new CEO for announcing the Windows Phone switch so soon and say that he could have handled the Symbian transition better, but lets just forget all that. Who knows what pressures he was under, or if Microsoft wanted it done that way, its all in the past. The point is what can Nokia do now.

Post Q2 Results, Should Nokia Rethink Its N9 Strategy?

Clearly the Q2 results are telling, not many people are buying Nokia devices these days, specially when there is an acute lack of quality high end devices. The N8 is getting old now, the E7 didn’t really take off and the hopes of the company now rest with the capable E6, but these are still not devices that can have the kind of impact Nokia needs, something to pull people to the stores.

They have one device that can. The Nokia N9. Its new, its fresh, and most importantly its nearly ready. If Nokia wants, the N9 could be in stores the world over. Yes its probably the last of its kind, but be that as it may, so what? Nokia needs to sell as many devices as it can and the N9 practically sells itself.

The worry inside of Nokia is about what sort of message are they sending to the consumers, asking them to buy a device which they themselves have given up on? Will the consumer even buy such a phone? Or that there will be confusion in the market because two similar looking devices will be running different OSs i.e. if Nokia’s first Windows Phone (the leaked Sea Ray) is actually the one they’ll be announcing come Nokia World in late October.

Post Q2 Results, Should Nokia Rethink Its N9 Strategy?

Then there’s also the problem of volume. If production schedules were designed with a small number of units in mind, can Nokia’s factories scale quickly to produce enough N9s to spread throughout the world come September? Will the cost of marketing the device the world over, or as least in high volume countries like India be easily offset by the sales?

If Nokia feels burnt by the N900 experience of pushing a hacker’s phone to the mass market, it shouldn’t decide the N9’s fate based on the old sting. The N9 is no N900. Its polished, as smooth as you like, has a nice capacitive display, comes with all the essential apps out of the box and is so beautiful that even the ladies will want one. The N900 was a beast, the touch experience was amiss, essential functionality was sometimes being worked upon and all this didn’t make it the consumer’s number one choice, it was one hell of a phone, just not the pinnacle of the average consumer’s dreams.

Apps have never been Nokia’s forte, but with Qt Quick things are really on the up and up. The Ovi Store is getting some really nice new apps everyday and there is enough developer interest in the N950/N9 to virtually guarantee a quick port for the N9. Nokia’s already backtracked on killing Symbian and has given it life till 2016, so at least some developers will be sticking around.

If you really come down to it, its hard to name even one single phone that can be the shinning star for Nokia in the next two quarters. The new Symbian devices will not be taken note of till Symbian’s new UI with Belle makes an appearance post Nokia World and the Windows Devices aren’t coming till the end of the year, that too in limited quantities. So its clear that if left unchecked, the fall will be fast and it will be hard. There are already signs that the device may be coming to more countries than the original 23 listed, lets just hope its actually happening.

I am not for a second saying deviate from the Windows Phone strategy, I do firmly believe that a lot of good can come from it, just that when you have something good on the side to fall back on, think of it as a nice thing. Something that may perhaps even help stem the carnage that seems imminent.

For the current quarter at Nokia its time to buckle down, to think of the N9 as your only phone and push it out, hard. There is nothing to loose, it might just win your back your loyalists. In the very least, it’ll get you mindshare, and that as we all know is as important as anything.

Nokia Sweden Is Looking For 30 People To Test Drive The N9

Nokia Sweden is looking for 30 people to test drive the N9, and by test drive they mean – they give you the device, you play with it, you talk about it, and after all that is done, you get to keep it. That’s not all, they’ll even award one person from the lucky 30 with a weekend in London if they think he or she did the best job in that role. Brilliant.

So whats the catch? First, the contest (English translation) is only open those of you in Sweden, there’s nothing in the terms and conditions about that (as far as Google Translate and I can tell!) but I’m assuming that anyway. Next, to enter you need to make a strong pitch and then get your friends on Facebook to back you up. After August 21, they’ll pick 30 people who’ll get to rock the N9 as test pilots in September and October. There’s also a N9 Summer Tour that kicks off on the 15th of month and passes by a bunch of Swedish cities before ending in August.

All of this at least tells us one thing, the N9 will probably be in stores come September. For the rest of the world, you can still win a N9 here.