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Nokia Lets You Explore Gotham City In 3D, Just As The Lumia 800 Dark Knight Rises Special Edition Launches In India

A lot of joint Nokia and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ action today. First, Nokia India’s launched a special edition Dark Knight Rises Lumia 800 that will sell for Rs. 24,999.

There will only be 200 units on sale, and you can get them starting mid July. It will come with the Nokia exclusive TDKR app that is also available to other Lumia users from the Windows Phone marketplace. The app contains exclusive trailers, movie info and ringtones.

But the bigger, more social part of the game is its foursquare integration that lets you play Batman or Bane and in the process unlock exclusive merchandise.

Then, anyone who buys a Nokia Lumia between July 1-30th from authorized Nokia stores will get TDKR collectibles like bags, caps and projector pens. The big draw is that 5 lucky consumers will get to ‘Own a Movie Theater’ for a day and host their own private TDKR screening in a theater that hosts 250 seats. The screenings will happen in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata.

Finally, Nokia has teamed up with Warner Bros. and built Explore Gotham City: the first official 3D map of the famous, fictional metropolis. The map allows you to check out Christopher Nolan’s adaptation of Gotham City in 3D.

You can explore the streets and navigate some of Gotham City’s most iconic locations and while doing so, spotting a Batshield might get you a limited edition prize. Nokia’s promised that more locations and Batshields will be revealed in the coming weeks, so you might want to keep checking into Gotham City frequently.