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Nokia Music Centric Device Coming On March 11?

At least that’s what it seems from the image up on events.nokia.com. Nokia has an all round device in the form of the N97 coming, the camera part is taken care of by the N86, the E55 and E75 are promising business devices but there isn’t an out and out music device that’s been announced recently.

New Nokia Music Flagship Coming On March 11?

The virtual event is scheduled for March 11 at 10:00 CET (2:30PM IST) and there are two live Q&A sessions scheduled for later in the day as well. This is what leads me to believe that a handset will be announced on Wednesday, obviously the tagline ‘Your Music Player Is Ringing’ is quite a hint too.

What will be interesting to see will be whether a new Nseries is unveiled or we’ll see another Xpress Music device. N87 perhaps? Another thing I was thinking about was what will be Nokia’s new naming scheme be now that the N7x line has run out. Will we see them start afresh like the new non S60 6600 or will they look at a N6x?