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Nokia PC Suite Version 6.85 Released

Version 6.85 

Nokia PC Suite has been updated to 6.85 and with the updated has come quite an ovehaul and is available from the PC Suite page. The new UI looks great and here’s a rundown of some of the new featues it brings. I’ve been beta testing it for the past few weeks and must say I find this even better than the Nseries PC Suite!

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New Firmware For The N95 Classic – v20.0.015

v20 Is Here! v20 Is Here!

Update: User Changelog here.

Finally! The latest and perhaps most awaited firmware for the N95 is here, as a result of which it has hit v20.0.015. The firmware as usual brings us some bug fixes and improvements, but this time the improvement is huge! It includes demand paging, 30MB plus free RAM after booting, speedier operation, N-Gage support, faster camera software, integrated Search, modified Welcome apps and then some more and yes, the keypress bug is gone. Below is somewhat of a changelog.

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N800: The Story So Far!


This has been a long time coming! I’ve wanted to write this post for over two weeks now, however something or the other kept coming up. Even now I’m writing on the N95 (with the key press bug)!

First of all I would like to thank WOM WORLD for sending across this great device. I’m especially grateful to Siobhan, Lucy and Donna who all helped get this done! Thanks a ton! Really!

Recently I read this post over at Symbian World which compared the N95 to the N800. Norman had some great observations about various contrasting aspects of post devices, be it the screen, size, weight or browser. However I would look at the N800 differently. It is often referred to as an internet tablet; however I’d like to call it a phone companion. This is one device which you simply cannot own in isolation. But once coupled with a smartphone, it surely is a great combo.

In the coming posts I will cover the N800 in various aspects, as a standalone device, as a companion and a multimedia gadget. This just goes to show how flexible the device is. Although it is primarily targeted at the business tool segment and as an internet tablet it actually is much more.

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Android – Will It Make An Impact?

Well, the much anticipated, much hyped Google phone turned out into a completely new operating system called Android that is supposed to be open and free.  Meaning thereby that manufacturers could use it for developing their smartphones without having to pay for or license an OS such as Symbian or WinMo. The idea behind the entire scheme of things is deriving advertising based revenue and thus reducing the cost of the phone. However would this business model really make a difference? Would it actually revolutionarise the way we use phones? Would it be spectacular? The more I think about it, the less convinced I am.

The question on my mind is, how much of an effect will this have on pricing. The absolute maximum amount a manufacturer pays a vendor such as Symbian or Microsoft for their software is not more than 5$-20$ a handset. Now even if Google is not charging this money for the OS, the largest price drop in the cost of a smartphone would be in the same region. Meaning thereby there would not be a substantial price drop.

For a high end smartphone, this is not a difference at all and in my opinion not sufficient for pulling a customer from a company such as Nokia; which is not a part of the Open Handset Alliance. The reliability of a business and the trust a consumer places in a brand would not be overcome so easily. In the high end segment there is enough profit margin, the Nokia N95 on launch was priced somewhere around 900$ now it retails for a mere 600$, all this within 6-7 months of its release. A 300$ dip in profit on each phone and Nokia is still making money on the device. In face of competition the phone could be a little more competitively placed and Nokia and S60 would prove tough to beat.

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