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Wanted In S60: USB Reading Capabilities

USB Reading Capabilities

I happen to play around with a lot of S60 devices most of the time and generally show them around to friends and give them the juice on each device. This is good, that is good, this is bad and so on. Now a lot of times when I’m playing with a really high end Nseries I speak to them about how I did get it to control my computer, the TV, browse the web, email, brilliant camera, TV out, GPS and after I end they are impressed of course; but after all of that I have had a lot of friends ask me this – can it read a USB/Pen/Thumb drive?

I do not know how this question comes up, but it does. May be its because these devices are doing so many things that a computer can so people tend to think, well, hold on, may be it can do that too?! Till a few days ago, I didn’t think much of it and generally thought it was a case of much easier said than done and it’ll be ages till we would see something like that happen.

But not very long ago Thoughtfix on the TabletBlog wrote about the N810 acting as a USB host with a brilliantly small application. 

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Reflections – N95 8GB: Complete Rundown

N95 8GB - Share on Ovi

The N95 8GB or the N95-2 is the successor to the N95 Classic (N95-1). A lot has been already said about the device both positive and negative; it has generally been dubbed as Nokia’s answer to the loads of complaints people have had with the original. Now being a device which benefited from public feedback, Nokia had to get this right. This post investigates how successful has it been in the endeavour.

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Reflections – Nokia N82: N95 8GB Comparison & Final Verdict

Reflections N82 –N95 8GB Comparison & Final Verdict

If someone were to go out and decide that he or she wanted the top Nseries device that practically did everything, most peoples’ advice would be to get an N9x device. After all they are Nokia’s flagships and you would think that they’d be the best device to get hold of. However while the above might have been true six months back, I would have to think hard, before I say yes to the above.

Now let’s examine the current market setup. The N95 had been Nokia’s top dog for over a year and was easily the most feature packed device ever made at that point in time. However, it became old news with the launch of the improved N95 – The N95 8GB (N95-2), the heir apparent to N95’s throne. But meanwhile Nokia also released a handset called the N82 which practically can do everything the N95 can and in fact does it better; thereby putting the 8G’s claim at stake.

This post, along with pictures, looks at both the devices and we try and reach a verdict.

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Its Time To N-Gage – The Platform Goes Live

N-Gage N-Gage 

Ladies and Gentelman its time. The N-Gage platform has just gone live, the rebirth is complete. The application is now officially available for the N81, N81 8GB, N82, N95 and N95 8GB models.

Here is the (un)official announcement from the N-Gage Blog.

“We are live! The games, the devices, and the community are all here for you to finally get your teeth into. The Forums are back up and the new N-Gage application is here. There will be an official announcement on Monday, but for you, the N-Gage faithful we wanted to let you know we’re up and running! So come join our moderators in the Forums for our launch party, and start enjoying the next generation of mobile gaming.”

Meanwhile Ricky Cadden reports that the installation takes a long time and does not include any games and that the application works on the US N95-3 also. The showroom menu has the following games up for download. I personally am looking forward to Asphalt 3. What were you waiting for?

  • System Rush Evolution
  • Asphalt 3: Street Rules
  • Brain Challenge
  • World Series Poker
  • Hooked On
  • Go Play!

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    N810 WiMax Tablet Official


    Nokia has just made the rumoured N810 WiMax tablet official. Its basically the same tablet with WiMax included. It features a great 4.13″ touchscreen, a built-in GPS, a QWERTY keyboard and runs OS2008. It also has a darker metallic finish and a orange base tone. More pictures. Q&A with Urho Konttori, Project Manager, Nokia N810 can be found here.

    Press release after the break.

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