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Ovi Journeys – The Evolution Of SportsTracker Is Coming

I have just gotten off a Q&A session with the Ovi Maps team and representatives from Digital Globe, the details of which I will share with you shortly. But there is one thing I am really excited about – Ovi Journeys.

Ovi Journeys, in the words of the Ovi Maps team is going to be the ‘evolution of the Sports Tracker’ application and even Nokia Vine, if you will. Nokia Vine never really got started but Sports Tracker remains an application that I love, specially for recording journeys. The way it works is that it runs in the background and records the track you have followed on your trip, geo tags the videos and photos that you take while on the trip and presents them on a map outlining where you went and the exact spots where you took the images and video. Quite simply the best way to record a journey.

Ovi Journeys

Recently support for Sports Tracker has been wavering, specially for the touch devices. Now we know why, Ovi Journeys is coming! I hope they keep the option of exporting data from the application, its great to import it into Google Earth at times and trace your route on the computer. Nokia Vine did not have that option and I missed it.

What would you like to see in Ovi Journeys?