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QIK Integrates Into Share on Ovi

QIK Integrates Into Share on OviFor those of you who like to keep your friends and family updated with the latest in your life, comes news that QIK has integrated into Share on Ovi. Moreover, Nokia and QIK’s partnership doesn’t just end there, QIK will also be a featured application on the Ovi Store, Nokia’s upcoming application and content marketplace.

The integration will result into effortless video uploads from your S60 to Nokia’s video and photo sharing service. Also, there is no cap on the length or the number of videos you can upload. Full press release here. Learn how to integrate here.

If you don’t know what QIK is then read on. It is a downloadable application that enables anyone to stream video live from their mobile device from anywhere, to anywhere provided they have a data connection.

Geo-Tagging In Share On Ovi Is Finally A Go

GeoTagging On Share On Ovi Is Finally A Go!

We have just had official word from the Share on Ovi Blog that things have been worked out and Geo-tagging is a complete go. SoO (Share on Ovi) will now will recognize if GPS information has been embedded in the photo and if so, will display a map of where the photo was taken. Previously we were left to try and input location information ourselves, I’m glad that almost useless ordeal, is over. I am beginning to like this service more and more and if they can keep on improving, it’ll really be wonderful.

Photos taken using Location Tagger or with phones such as N82/N78 that have Geo-tagging capabilities inbuilt contain location data in the EXIF headers and such pictures will now be displayed with a relevant map. For those pictures that lack such data, we will still be able to add location information.

On another note, there are two things I’d like to have in SoO:

– Ability to open Images in a new window; makes for much easier browsing.

– A decent desktop uploader that can preferably give me a right click ‘Send To’ option.

The SoO team is looking for feedback, so if have have any issues or suggestions, drop them a line.

Ovi Share: Initial Thoughts

 Ovi Share

Ovi Share had a soft launch a week back and I have just finished watching the Ovi Share demonstration at MWC and well my initial skepticism is somewhat gone. One of the things at the back of my mind was why make Ovi when there was already flickr and youtube and other services such as these. Nokia maintains that it will continue to support these services even after the roll out, odd at first but it does stand to reason. People have been using these services for a long time now and to tell them that sorry, these arn’t supported anymore would be suicide.

What Nokia has done is gone ahead and said, people use whatever you want to but here is our service which we will try and make better by the day in addition to giving us seamless connectivity from pretty much anything with a browser. From the initial impression I got of Ovi Share I thing they might just be able to pull it off!

Here are a few highlights:

– Unlimited photo storage and no uploading limits; flickr restricts us to 100 MB a month.

– Seamless integration and a one click upload directly from the mobile with the ability to tag, add captions.

– Other people who are not members of Ovi being able to contribute photos and video with a simple email.

– Community featutes with the usual comments and links.

– A special mobile optimised website for times on the go.

The best part is that it is available now! Just refresh for services in the Share Online client 3.0 and you should find Ovi. Give it a spin and let me know what you think, I’ll get back home give it a spin too and update my initial thoughts!