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Get PiZero To Make A Theme For You!

 PiZero Contest

The theme wizard PiZero has an interesting contest up on his website. We all have this favourite picture, theme or concept on which we wish there was a theme. The DIY solutions like Theme DIY do not do a really good job and the class we have come to expect with great themers like PiZero isn’t simply there.

So this is what the contest is all about, just leave a comment on this post and if after a lucky draw your name pops up, he will:

“I will make a customized theme for the winners either on a subject choosen by them, or with custom images sent to me.

I can make a theme with a picture of you / your family / your pet / your friends etc. or a theme of your favourite football team, or whatever you want.”

Thats all you have to do and if you a blogger just send a pingback and hope for the best! Even if lady luck doesn’t shine on you, there’s New Style, a great theme with a huge set of custom wallpapers available for everyone.

Jump over to PiZero’s!