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Psiloc Connect Brings Access Point Prioritisation For S60

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Zach from over at SiMo brings news that Psiloc has just released one of the most useful apps you will ever see, Psiloc Connect. What is does is something that should have been implemented already – access point prioritisation i.e. the phone will use access points in the order you choose without having to manually select them each time. For example I can setup the phone to use my home WiFi as the first option, if not available my neighbour’s WiFi (;)), next my operator’s data (3G, EDGE or GPRS) connection and so on in any order I so choose. For this to happen we were supposed to wait for FP2, however Psiloc has decided to make that option available now and that too for all existing S60’s. (According to Ricky, E61, E61i users will need to wait and the company is working on a solution)

It simply creates a new access point called ‘Psiloc Connect’ that you will need to set as default for all/any application(s), set the priority in the settings and you are good to go. You can select more than one WiFi connection also for say times when you want to make the phone check for your home and office WiFi before moving onto operator data. You can even stop the operator data from being used in case you are roaming or due to any other reason. All in all a highly customisable nifty utility.

The application is available from the Psiloc store, and costs US$15.77 (EUR9.95). More screenshots below (courtesy of Zach).

Download! (10 Day Trial)

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