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Video Demo Of Nokia’s Symbian ^3 UI

Nokia Conversations has just published a video showing off how Symbian ^3 will look on upcoming Nokia devices. At first glance there seems to be a hint of familiarity with the UI that you may have seen on Nokia’s current touch devices like the N97, but that quickly goes away when you look at the sheer number of optimizations and enhancements that have been done to the UI.

There is multitouch (pinch and zoom), multiple homescreens, support for hardware accelerated graphics, single tap across the entire UI, complete kinetic scrolling, a new visual task manager and so on. All in all a pretty impressive picture. Complete with the right hardware, Symbian ^3 itself could be something and you won’t have to wait for Symbian ^4 to stop bickering over the ‘old’ Symbian UI.

What do you think? Maemo-ish? (That isn’t a bad thing though!)