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Nokia No Longer Has ‘THE’ Top Spec S60 – Introducing The InnoV8

The N96 Has Serious Competition Coming From The Samsung InnoV8
The N96 Has Serious Competition Coming From The Samsung InnoV8

Wow! I almost never expected this to happen, but its true. Ladies and Gentlemen – Nokia no longer has the top spec S60 powered handset. Samsung has powered ahead of Nokia’s upcoming flagship the N96, at least as far as core specifications go. The upcoming Samsung i8510 also known as the InnoV8, is based on S60 OS v9.3 Feature Pack 2 and comes with the 2.8″ QVGA screen. Like the N96, this is also a slider and looking at both these handsets from a bird’s eye there is not much of difference. Samsung has extensive experience with sliders and Nokia also has been learning, slowly but surely so the difference will most likely come down to user experience. That being said, the Samsung offering is better at least specwise in quite a few areas and here’s how.

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Three New Applications From Dr. Jukka

The man behind the arguably best S60 file manger Y-Browser, has released three new applications, albeit as early alphas. First up is Theme Scheduler that allows automated theme switching with a timer, or automated theme changing based on the active profile.

Next is a Fake Message application that allows timed “sending” of fake SMS messages, so next time you want to get out of a tight situation, you’ll know what to do.

Last of all is Profile Scheduler that brings in automated profile switching for free. This is a feature that’s been missing in S60 phones for a long time and we’ve not really had a good freeware to take care of it either, at least till now.

All in all three great freewares to look forward to on a dull Monday morning. Just one thing, these will need to be Open Signed. (via – Pasco)

Google Reader For S60 Revamped

Greader For S60 Revamped   

Close on the heels of the iPhone Google Reader which worked on S60 devices too, comes a very own S60 optimised Google Reader. The http://www.google.com/reader/m/view/ URL now takes us to the screen pictured above. This is quite an improvement over the plain reader that was otherwise a standard on S60 Browsers. Earlier only the title of the post was visible, now the first two lines of the post also find their way into the screen space. Unlike using the iPhone version on S60 in which one had to approximate links, this version clear indicated them with a box surrounding it and features such as staring a post need not be done by hit and trial. Screenshots from the N95 and E90 below.

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Calling Anyone Who Wants An Evening With S60

Calling All Indians!

This is the part that I love about the S60 Community, people actually listen. We started making some noise two weeks ago about wanting An Evening With S60 in India and the good poeple at Consumed By S60 have taken notice. They are inviting everyone to propose the names of the next cities that should have this event. All you need to do is leave a comment in this post with your proposed city name and depending on logistics/budget and popularity, the next evening might just be in your city.

If you are in India and are reading this, do put in a comment urging the good people at S60! Make sure you nominate a particular city. I have already put in my vote for Chandigarh/Delhi. If we have two popular destinations such as Delhi & Mumbai, then I hope we have it in both!

An Evening With S60 In Boston & A Rant

An Evening With S60

The latest in the series of Evenings with S60 has been announced and this time it is in Boston on the 5th of June. So for all of you in the area its time for a fun filled evening where you will get to meet fellow S60 enthusiasts and get a chance to demo the latest S60/Nokia devices over food and drinks. To make your evening even better you’ll have Symbian Guru Ricky Cadden as the MC! Head over to See Into S60 Blog for more and make sure you register here.

How I wish I could take a flight and go, just for the evening! But it is rant time and as I see it, there have been endless ‘Evening With S60’ events throught the world be it New York, Milan, Helsinki, London, Miami, Chicago, Hong Kong, San Francisco and the list goes on and yet there has been none here in India, the Second Largest Mobile Market in the world! Nokia/S60 holds the biggest market share in India and still we have not had a single event leave alone multiple events like in the US. Even if you are already doing well here, unlike in the states, there is always room for promotion. I’ll stop here, I could go on and on but it would only culminate into one thing, we need such evenings here too, not just one but many!

I know something must be being worked out, but I just couldn’t help myself. If you are in India and are reading this, do put in a comment urging the good people at S60! Lets have one here and quick, pretty please! 😉

The First 10 Applications I Install On My S60

The First 10 Applications I Install On My S60

A couple of days ago Mark wrote a post detailing the first 10 applications he installs on any S60 Nokia he gets his hands on and invited other long term users to share what they do once they get a new phone. This is something I have also been wanting do for some time now, so after the break you can find the first ten applications I let rip on my devices.

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