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Brief: YBrowser Updated To v 0.85

Ybrowser Updated to v 0.85

Jukka Silvennoinen has updated the best file manager for S60 phones to v 0.85 and the update has brought stability under S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1! Also included are SVG images and two extra languages.

The usual add ons such as Mail Folder Plugin, Text Viewer Plugin etc are available from his website.


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iPhone Optimised Websites On S60

iPhone Optimisation on The N95 

Harri Salminen has written a neat little application called iPhonesque that makes websites believe that the phone you are using to browse is the iPhone and thus they present the iPhone optimised layout which is much more visually appealing.  Pages designed for iPhone are easier to read and they are visually more pleasing. Take a look at a few more screenshots on his blog for comparison.

He however also notes that inspite of the inherent similarity of both phones’ browsers, iPhonesque Google-pages in S60 don’t every time draw completely and some items seem to be missing. However its something really worth trying, I am installing the application as a write.

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How To Protect Files On Your S60 Device

Password Protected!Password Protected!Password Protection 

This is probably the most frequently asked question, ever! Everybody has certain photos, videos, songs and all sorts of other files which we want to hide from another person. Fortunately there are several 3rd party applications what allow us to do that, but unfortunately they are paid for!

However there are two ways in which you can not only hide files from the Gallery but also password protect them and the best part is that these methods cost nothing. In this post I will go over both of them.

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Resetting The T9 Dictionary


One of the perenial problems that plague T9 predictive dictionary users is the fact that once your device has “learned” a new word and added it to the predictive lineup, there’s no going back. As was observed by Zach over at SiMo, every time he added a new word to the user dictionary it replaced a more commonly used word. Everyone makes enough mistakes with T9 so the last thing we need is “yes” being replaced by “WEP” every time we type it, as Zach experienced, just because he was talking to someone a month ago about WiFi security.

Fortunately he also posted a solution to the problem which allows us to reset the dictionary to the default. Jonny Bruha from over at Thoughts on S60 has also posted a solution to the problem, which allows us to correct the dictionary without having to loose all of our custom words.


1. Resetting the T9 dictionary completely.

2. Resetting selective words.

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