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Run a WebOS From Your S60 Browser

I am not a very WebOS person, however I am open to trying out new applications. Anuj from the N95 Community mentioned running Glide, a WebOS on the N95 I decided to give it a shot. Websites like Google are doing a pretty decent job syncing our content over the web through various applications like calender being accessible on the mobile. However a WebOS promises a complete experience and well, delivers in some cases!


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iPhone Optimised Websites On S60

iPhone Optimisation on The N95 

Harri Salminen has written a neat little application called iPhonesque that makes websites believe that the phone you are using to browse is the iPhone and thus they present the iPhone optimised layout which is much more visually appealing.  Pages designed for iPhone are easier to read and they are visually more pleasing. Take a look at a few more screenshots on his blog for comparison.

He however also notes that inspite of the inherent similarity of both phones’ browsers, iPhonesque Google-pages in S60 don’t every time draw completely and some items seem to be missing. However its something really worth trying, I am installing the application as a write.

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