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That Leaked Tizen Redwood Device – It Looks Awfully Like The Developer PQ Device

Pictures of a Samsung Tizen smartphone that is supposedly the GT-i8800 are making the rounds of the internet today. While I can’t be certain that the device in the pictures is not the GT-i8800 (or a similar device that will be sold commercially), it does look a lot like the Tizen Developer device PQ that’s been available for a while now.

Tizen PQ Developer Device

While the device is seen running some Samsung software like SVoice that’s not been available publicly, it could easily be a case of the latest Tizen ROM being run on the developer device. The idea of Samsung’s first commercial Tizen device looking so much like the developer device doesn’t really appeal to me.

Tizen Handheld Phone

 Changing the name of the device is easy too.

Many thanks to Leon Anavi of Opencode Systems Ltd. for the heads up!