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Nokia Is Giving Away 97 N97’s Globally – Search For The ‘N’

Nokia is giving away 97 Nokia N97’s as part of its search for the ‘N’ campaign. Consider yourself lucky if you are in China, Russia, Malaysia, UK, UAE, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Denmark and France. Hit this page, to reach the Nseries Blog where you can select your country from the drop down list to get details of the sites Nokia has partnered with for the giveaway/contest.

Nokia Is Giving Away 97 N97's Globally - Search For The 'N'

What I am absolutely astonished by, is the fact that India has been left out of the countries where the contest is being organized. I used to think that India is an important market for Nokia, specially the Nseries segment but I was wrong, apparently. Or may be the thinking is that the phones are going to sell there anyway so why bother with a contest! Unbelievable, specially when we’ve had great promotions before, the preview at home being a recent one.

Or may be Nokia India will have it too, just a little later? Some countries are getting 6 N97’s some 10 and there are a total of 10 countries involved, so may be we will still have some left for India. I will try and find out if Nokia will indeed play heartbreak with us in India.

For the rest of you, there is no time to waste, the clues are out, get cracking!