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Sleep Music – Sleep Mode For The S60 Music Player/Radio Is Finally Here

I have waited for this option for what seems like ages now and I’m glad to say its finally here, not because Nokia finally woke up, but because Sujesh decided to use Python and make it happen. I am sure all of you have felt the need for the sleep mode at some point or the other, specially the ones who listen to music before dozing off at night and find the phone dead in the morning because the music player wasn’t turned off.

Enter Sleep Music, a python based application that lets you decide a time period after which not only the default S60 music player or the FM Radio but also the Internet Radio can be automatically turned off. The application doesn’t pause or stop the music, it completely exists the application so you needn’t worry about running applications draining the battery. The best part is that the Sleep Music application also kills itself immediately after terminating the music/radio. As an added bonus, you can even configure it to switch off the phone after the desired time. Brilliant.

Another method of turning off the music/radio is the inactivity sensor. Set a duration and if the phone remains inactive for that much duration, the application kicks in and exits the music. (Inactivity sensor accounts for calls, keypresses etc). I’ve used the application on my E71 for the past two days without any sort of error and have found it to work flawlessly.


  • Timer presets available for 15 , 30 and 60 min.
  • Also users can also enter the time manually.
  • Ability to close either the Music Player, Radio or the Nokia Internet Radio.
  • Application can run in background.
  • Inactivity Sensor to exit the music player, if so desired.
  • Ability to turn off the device after the desired period.

Here are a few screenshots to get you familiar with the must have application:

Sleep Music - Share on Ovi

1. The basic layout.

Sleep Music - Share on Ovi

2. Ability to select the application to exit after the defined period.

Sleep Music - Share on Ovi

3. Timer duration, can be manually entered too.

Sleep Music - Share on Ovi

4. No need to mess with this, keypress works just fine.

Sleep Music - Share on Ovi

5. Confirmation after you have set the ‘sleep’ time.

Sleep Music - Share on Ovi

6. Inactivity sensor, can be used to exit the music player/radio if the phone remains inactive for the selected duration. (No calls, keypresses etc).

Sleep Music - Share on Ovi

7. Whether you want to turn off the device after the chosen duration.

Sleep Music - Share on Ovi

8. Once everything is set, the application can be simply sent to the background.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS – Its isn’t as complicated as it looks.

1. Download Sleep Music from here. Direct link is here (v1.02).

2. Unzip its contents.

3. Install “sleepmusicv102.sis” sis file to your phone (dont have to sign the application)

4. Use Open Signed to sign the following files:

  • “keypress102_unsigned_dev_certfree.SIS”
  • “appswitch103_unsigned_devcertfree.SIS”
  • “misty193_unsigned.SIS”

5. Install Python, if you do not already have it installed. Get it here.

7. Install the signed files.