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Its Time To Get Your Own Personalised Urbanista Widget

Personalised Urbanista Diaries Widget

I’m not sure all of you will remember the widget that allowed us to keep track of the Urbanistas as they travelled the world. For those who do, I am sure you will agree with me it was pretty slick. Now here’s the good news, as part of Nokia’s ongoing Urbanista project, they have re-released the widget that the original Urbanista diarists used as they travelled about, only this time anyone including you and me can use it.

Basically, the widget, combined with a GPS enabled handset and the Sports tracker application allows us to track and upload our movements, tagging places with images as we go along. Say, for instance, you’re travelling around Barcelona on holiday, you can upload where you are as you go, your device streaming GPS data to Sports tracker and then to the widget placed on your blog or Facebook or any other social network profile. You can also take a picture of a place (Sports tracker will attach a GPS tag to the image) upload it, and the image will be shown on your widget, on your blog/profile, attached to where the image was taken.

I love it. It adds a completely new dimension to presence. Friends/family sitting back at home will be able to place you live on the globe every single minute you want them to. They’ll be able to see what route you took, where you’ve been and what’s more if you take pictures/videos along the way they’ll even get to see the place you’r visiting through your phone. It’s perfect right from grabbing a few snaps on a bike ride through the country to touring a major world city.

Details on how to get this up and running below.

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