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Swype Officially Comes To The N8

The first Symbian^3 version of Swype hit the Ovi Store with support for the Nokia C7 a while back, but a similar version with support for the N8 has only hit the store today. Previously if you wanted to get Swype on your N8, you had to go about it in a roundabout manner, however now you can simply search for it and install.

Swype Officially Comes To The Nokia N8 Via The Ovi Store

If you already have the C7 version installed, I’d suggest uninstalling that and downloading the N8 version afresh. The file is a 3.3 MB download, but curiously it is only 7MB when installed compared to the 10MB install of the C7 version with no visible difference in settings. By default Ovi Store preferences has installs set to the 16GB inbuilt memory, but I suggest you make an exception and install Swype to the phone memory.

The current version supports English, Spanish, FrenchCA and PortugueseBr with more language support expected soon. Incase you are wondering, there is no portrait mode, that’s only coming in 2011.

Hat tip to @Camb078.