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Video: NFC Demos On The New Symbian Belle Devices, Plus The Furture Of NFC Apps

Nokia India recently had an event about its latest NFC devices like the Nokia 701, 700 and the 600, all of which run Symbian Belle. Since a bunch of us were together, we decided to get in front of the camera and demo some of the NFC functionality that’s ready to be used by the consumers.

We demo Angry Birds Magic, the game that lets you unlock levels using NFC, NFC pairing, transferring photos using NFC and using NFC tags amongst other things. We wrap the video up by talking about the future of NFC apps.

In case you are wondering, the people in the video are me (@v4ibhav), Clinton Jeff (@clintonjeff), Vikas (@tsuvik) and Nikhil Pai (@NikhilPai).

So what do you think does NFC hold for us in the future. Let us know!