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Peer To Peer Wi-Fi Connectivity Coming To Symbian Next Year

The Wi-Fi Alliance is nearing publication of a specification for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Wi-Fi Direct, in other words “Wi-Fi Peer-to-Peer”, which will enable Wi-Fi devices to connect securely without needing a traditional hotspot. This means that two devices could connect with each other over Wi-Fi much in the same way as they do over bluetooth as of now.

Peer To Peer Wi-Fi Connectivity Coming To Symbian Next Year

But once the Wi-Fi Direct implementation becomes popular, smartphones, cameras, printers, PCs, keyboards and headphones will be able to connect to each other to transfer content and share applications quickly and easily without needing a traditional router, great for onto the go access.

Come 2011, devices will be able to make a one-to-one connection, huddle together in a bunch, simultaneously.

The availability of Wi-Fi Direct adds some distinctive new capabilities into the mix including device discovery, service discovery and power saving functions. For handset creators, this means a solution enabling more diversity for connectivity applications such as printing, music players, and content sharing. For peripheral manufacturers, it means enabling robust, user-friendly device connectivity. And for application developers, it is a comprehensive application development framework incorporating service discovery protocols for gaming and other cross platform applications.

This could take multiplayer gaming to a new level, and copying a ton of data/music/movies off a friend’s device wirelessly within minutes is something I’m sure we all all looking forward to. If you want to know more, here is Symbian’s Wi-Fi Direct implementation page.

What aspect of our mobile usage do you think would most benefit from this? I haven’t come across an app that does this for Symbian already, have you?

[via: Symbian Blog]