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Tim Holbrow Replaces Lee Williams As The Executive Director At Symbian

It seems that changes at Nokia are being followed in letter and spirit at the Symbian headquarters as well. Lee Williams has stepped down from his role of Executive Director at Symbian for personal reasons and his role will be taken over by Tim Holbrow (@timholbrow) with immediate effect.

Tim Holbrow Replaces Lee Williams As The Executive Director At Symbian

We’ve received a statement from Steve Warner, Head of HR at Symbian who goes on to say that:

The Symbian Foundation is today announcing that Lee M. Williams has stepped down from his position as Executive Director for personal reasons. We thank Lee for his work over the past two years and wish him all the best in his future ventures.

The Board of Directors has appointed Tim Holbrow, formerly the Symbian Foundation’s CFO, to the position of Executive Director with immediate effect. We congratulate Tim and welcome him to his new role.’

Skype For Symbian Hits Beta

A native Skype application for Symbian has just entered beta for Symbian S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 and Feature Pack 2 devices, there is no support for S60 5th Edition yet but the press release promises support for even more devices with the production release which is expected in Q1 next year.

Download Skype For Symbian

Skype for Symbian supports:

  • Free Skype-to-Skype calling
  • Call phones with Skype credits or subscription
  • Receive calls on your Online Number
  • Instant Messaging
  • Group conversations
  • File sending and receiving

Download here:

The application needs 6MB of space and must be installed in the phone memory. Worth noting here is the fact that certain devices such as the N86 and the E72 are not mentioned in the compatibility list, despite being FP2 handsets.

An Interesting Interview With Ms. Purnima Kochikar, VP Forum Nokia

At ‘The Way We Live Next‘ event I was fortunate to get an opportunity to interview Ms. Purnima Kochikar, Vice President, Forum Nokia and Developer Community, who is responsible for strategy and growth opportunities with Nokia’s third party developers to create a vibrant Nokia ecosystem.

Over the course of 30 minutes we able to cover a number of subjects including:

  • The number of applications on the Ovi Store and Symbian application visibility in general.
  • Why should developers have to pay to get on the Ovi Store, even if they are going to give away their apps for free?
  • The surge in developer interest as far as Maemo goes.
  • The possibility to Nokia opening up the Ovi Store to devices from other manufacturers.

I have trimmed down the video to a little over 13 minutes. Since YouTube only accepts videos under 10 minutes, I have uploaded the interview to Vimeo (embedded below) and Blip.tv.

While editing the video I realised that I should listen more while interviewing someone and not let the lawyer in me get the better of the conversation. Therefore, I would like to especially thank Ms. Kochikar for her time and patience.

PS: Speaking of Forum Nokia – I will be heading to Bangalore to attend the Forum Nokia Developer Conference ’09.

All Things Symbian & ‘Then Some More’

Right from the first day when I started TheSymbianBlog, our tagline has been ‘All things Symbian and then some more!’ and today more than ever it is seems most appropriate. Back when I started this blog, Symbian was the only mobile OS that I was truly interested in, however things are changing and I find myself attracted to the likes of Android and virtually smitten by what little I have seen of Maemo 5.

All Things Symbian & 'Then Some More'

It is in this light that I find myself wondering whether or not taking about things such as the Booklet 3G, the N900 or other ancillary topics would be appropriate on TheSymbianBlog. Therefore, I need your feedback.

Should I continue to cover all these things that are of obvious interest to both you and me or launch another website which is a little more generic? We have in the past covered devices such as the N800, N810, talked about Andriod as well but those topics have never been the center of focus. That might change depending on how the N900 shapes up.

So please tell me, what would you like to see? A new website or this website turning into a one stop shop for ‘All things Symbian and then some more!‘?

PS: I still continue to love Symbian and anxiously wait for what the later releases of Symbian have in store for us, I also believe that it is *still* the best OS for non touch devices.

What Would You Like Nokia To Do?

Nokia Phones and Smartphones

Nokia had way back in June announced that it was planning a huge reorganisation beginning January 1st 2008, a date that’s now less than a month away. With Nokia World now over, Steve from over at AAS has been pondering how the company is going to integrate the Mobile Phones, Multimedia (i.e. Nseries) and Enterprise (i.e. Eseries) divisions in a workable fashion and what would he do if he was at the helm. I’ve added a few things I’d like to see happening.

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[Update] Flash Video a.k.a. FLV On S60 v3!

FLV Video

(Click Here To Enlarge)

Update: Adobe has now released the public beta of the application for developers and is available here. They have however left out browser integration and there is no personalisation with screensavers either. For more on this jump over to The Nokia Guide. For a complete How-To on getting FLV to work read on.

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