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Nokia @ SXSW: Has Something ‘Big’ Planned With Angry Birds, Is Taking About Social Location

An intriguing little promo has just gone only on WOM World Nokia‘s YouTube Channel & the Nseries blog point to something ‘big’ that’s happening on March 12 & 15 at SXSW, here in Austin, Texas.

Nokia @ SXSW: Has Something 'Big' Planned With Angry Birds, Is Taking About Social Location

As you can see from the trailer, Rovio Mobile, the makers of Angry Birds are clearly involved, but very little hints are given as to what is really going down at 9 PM on the 12th and 15th of this month. All we know is the date, time and the venue (The Belmont Stage) .

In other Nokia @ SXSW news, Nokia is also taking part in a panel on the future of social location along with Foursquare and Pepsi. I suspect, this is also where @NokiaResearch will demo the all new context based service ‘Nokia Find & Connect’ which will allow people to network without meeting face to face.

I am in Austin for SXSW and will be keeping you upto date with the latest, but you can also follow the #NokiaConnects hashtag on Twitter to track Nokia @ SXSW.

Dear Nokia, Vaibhav Should Go To #SXSW 2010

Should Vaibhav Go To #SXSW 2010?WOM World Nokia is currently having a series of giveaways, over the last week they gave away two Nokia N900’s and trips to the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. The giveaway is still on and you should keep your eyes peeled on http://www.womworld.com/nokia/ and to make sure you do not miss out.

Over the weekend, they also had a competition where you had to make a video entitled ‘Dear Nokia, I should go to SXSW because…’ giving reasons why they should take you to #SXSW. Based on these videos, Nokia will pick three winners. The catch is that a part of their decision will be based on how the community responds to these entries.

The deadline to enter passed away three hours ago, but I was able to submit an entry of my own at the last minute. If you think I should go/deserve to go/don’t deserve but still should go – then please let Nokia know. Kindly leave a comment on the video, tweet about it with the #nokiacomp hashtag or just give @WOMWorldNokia a shout. You can follow me @TheSymbianBlog.

Your support is greatly appreciated!