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How To Disable Camera Sound On Your Nokia

I am sure all of you at some point or the other have wanted to turn of the camera/shutter sound while taking pictures or videos for a variety of reasons. While on a handful of product codes you can simply turn of the ‘Warning Tones’ from the profiles menu to silence the camera tone, on most handsets that tip doesn’t work.

How To Disable Camera Sound On Your Nokia

Enter this exceedingly small patch (under 1KB) that you can install to get rid of the annoying sound. There is no need to ‘hack’ your phone for this to work.

  • Install it and turn off the ‘Warning tones’ from the profiles menu. (If the warning tones are already set to off, then turn them on and then off).
  • If the camera sound is still not off, restart the phone once.

I have tested it on my N97 and E75, but the patch should work on other devices too. Enjoy.