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Peer To Peer Wi-Fi Connectivity Coming To Symbian Next Year

The Wi-Fi Alliance is nearing publication of a specification for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Wi-Fi Direct, in other words “Wi-Fi Peer-to-Peer”, which will enable Wi-Fi devices to connect securely without needing a traditional hotspot. This means that two devices could connect with each other over Wi-Fi much in the same way as they do over bluetooth as of now.

Peer To Peer Wi-Fi Connectivity Coming To Symbian Next Year

But once the Wi-Fi Direct implementation becomes popular, smartphones, cameras, printers, PCs, keyboards and headphones will be able to connect to each other to transfer content and share applications quickly and easily without needing a traditional router, great for onto the go access.

Come 2011, devices will be able to make a one-to-one connection, huddle together in a bunch, simultaneously.

The availability of Wi-Fi Direct adds some distinctive new capabilities into the mix including device discovery, service discovery and power saving functions. For handset creators, this means a solution enabling more diversity for connectivity applications such as printing, music players, and content sharing. For peripheral manufacturers, it means enabling robust, user-friendly device connectivity. And for application developers, it is a comprehensive application development framework incorporating service discovery protocols for gaming and other cross platform applications.

This could take multiplayer gaming to a new level, and copying a ton of data/music/movies off a friend’s device wirelessly within minutes is something I’m sure we all all looking forward to. If you want to know more, here is Symbian’s Wi-Fi Direct implementation page.

What aspect of our mobile usage do you think would most benefit from this? I haven’t come across an app that does this for Symbian already, have you?

[via: Symbian Blog]

JoikuSpot Updated Again – WEP Security Is A Go!


After the stability update a few days ago, as promised, a new version is out that among other things supports WEP security. Thats means that we shall be finally able to turn our WiFi smartphone into a wireless hotspot even in public places without any fear. This version comes with a generous 90 day trial after which it needs to be purchased.

Update: Lasse Maki CEO, Founder JoikuSoft informs us that the lite version will continue to remain free and there will be a premium variant with advanced features later on.

Release notes for JoikuSpot Light Beta 1.2:

-Encryption support with WEP including automatic 128bit key generator
-Battery threshold shutting down the client when battery level is too low (adjustable)
-Default Access point can be set
-Support for secure SSH tunnels with Putty

Screenshots are more after the break.

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JoikuSpot Light Updated – Beta 1.1 Out

Joiku Beta

Joiku Spot is one of my favourite applications and is great for anyone on the move. It allows a user to use his WiFi enabled S60 device to be used as a portable WiFi router and the internet connection (GPRS/EDGE/3G) of the phone can then be shared by a number of devices. This is specially useful if your laptop doesn’t have bluetooth or there is more than one person who needs the internet connection. 

The current beta did have a few bugs and stability issues though and I am pleased to say that a new beta is out that includes a LOT of improvements to stability and a bunch of bug fixes. You can also now rename SSID to JoikuSpot_xxx, where xxx is defined by the user. The version with WEP encryption is scheduled to be out within a month.

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Nseries UPnP Capabilities


One aspect of the Nseries WiFi phones I am sure not a lot of us put into play is UPnP. I for one have hardly used this capability on my N95 which actually is very useful. Considering the fact that you can stream all your pictures, music and video to your phone from your PC or any other so device setup, the Home Media application is neat. But what takes the cake is using TV out in tandem with UPnP. Its pretty nifty to stream pictures from a PC in some room to your TV via the phone.

In this post guest author Anuj Singhal talks about how to set it up and utilize the benefit of say a 120GB harddisk on the phone! Note: Although this post is based on the N95 it may be valid for other wifi capable devices also.

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WiFi Without Routers!


Have you ever heard of the application called GNUBOX which helps you use your laptop/desktop’s internet on the phone via Bluetooth? It’s quite a lengthy process and most people generally give up trying. However there is a much easier way to share the internet and make it available for our wifi enabled phone. Now, while you can buy a router and make this infinitely easier, guest author Jamal Abid decided to do it the harder way, WiFi connectivity without any router and in the process helped me and i hope a lot of others save money. I dont know if you already know how to get this thing working, but those of you (like me) who didn’t know, what follws is a pretty detailed tutorial.

In this write up he explains how to quickly and conveniently set up internet sharing without the need of any complicated applications or a WiFi router. It is nothing complex, just a series of very simple steps you need to follow exactly.

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