Weird N95 Bugs!

Even after the new firmware being released the N95 still has a few bugs left! Newest addition to this list was the camera bug which was brought to everyone’s notice by Steve of AAS. This post talks about some of the others.

  Date Separator

A new bug that I came across was that if you change the Date Separator in the Time and Date Settings found in Clock>Options>Settings to  ‘ : ‘  instead of any of the others, the bluetooth misbehaves! All you gets is:

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Using The Built In IM Client!

From my first Symbian phone, I’ve always wondered why is the IM application built in if it is of no use! Never have I got it to work, till now!


The question is why do we even need it?

The reason is that I always somehow tend to prefer the built in applications over the 3rd party ones. We have a number of Instant Messaging applications that have been available over the years. The best I’ve ever used was Agile Messenger. Other alternatives are IM+, Fring etc. The problem with Agile and IM+ is that they are paid applications! Fring is free but lacks the yahoo option! Also there are certain difficulties that I faced while using Fring. While using the IM client in it and typing, if I happened to receive an IM from my pal at the other end, what I was typing is gone! Now that sometimes becomes quite a nuisance!

Enter the default client! Its surprising simple to setup and use! It gives us the option to use Yahoo, ICQ, MSN & AIM.

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Pimp Your N95!

 Pimp The N95!

Update: Pimp Your N95 – 2 is here!

We all have our N95’s safely in our possession, the out of box experience is great, there are a few good bundled in applications but should we stop at that? Shouldn’t we strive for more out of that awesome gadget? After all its a symbian 60 device and the best part about that is customisation! From adding features to changing the complete look of the device it can do it all! But do we? Some of us symbian lovers do, how about the people who are new to the OS? In this post i look at some of the additions we can make to get that little more out of the phone… Err ‘multimedia computer’ as Nokia calls it! For that matter i think it deserves to be called that too!

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New N95 Firmware Available For India Product Codes!


Finally the after being initially released on the 30th of April in select regions the new firmware for the Nokia N95 is now available for product codes of the Indian Sub Continent.

The changelog can be found here courtesy Symbian-Freak. The new firmware improves the overall speed of the phone, specially the camera and the multimedia menu which was a pain to use earlier. Reports also suggest that the camera has improved as a result of noise reduction in the post processing algorithm of the N95 being decreased allowing for greater detail. More on this can be found here.

A few reasons why you should update!

– Faster and more responsive Interface
– Colours are now much better in photos
– Noise reduction is reduced
– Wifi works slightly better and gets a better signal.

 The firmware is available via the Nokia Software Updater (NSU) which is available here.

For any questions, comments or feedback just drop a note in the comments section! Good Luck with updating! Its a 109.1 Mb download!

 PS: Make sure u make a backup of the phone memory before you update!

 The NSU has also been updated to v. 1.37.

 Update: Here’s the complete story.

One Month With The Nokia N95!

Nokia N95

Okay, so here goes the first post of my blog!!! The reason I picked the N95 to talk about is simple, it’s my current obsession! So here goes how I feel after one month with the N95!! So here goes! This write up covers area such as Build Quality, The Multimedia Segment, The Camera, Web Browser, Gallery Application, The GPS and a General Overview of the entire phone!

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