Bluetooth As A Proximity Badge!

Today seems to be a what if this could be done day! After my previous post on a Bluetooth Mouse, this one again presents a challenge to the 3rd Party Application Developers! But if you own a Linux PC/Laptop you needn’t wait!

Using this method, explained here, Linux users can already use there phone as a proximity sensor for their Laptop or PC; meaning thereby that as soon as your bluetooth phone goes out of range the system locks itself! As soon as you come in range it unlocks! Cool!

Now our very own Salling Clicker can already do this! At least partly! It can lock the system as the proximity increases but it fails to unlock! However a downloadable script for it is available which allows the system to be unlocked too! But the problem is that the method is not secure! The author of the script clearly says that this is a security risk! More about Salling Clicker here.

He points out that:

“This script will have your windows logon credentials stored in plain text on your PC and has a service running that can interact with your desktop. Neither of these are very good things. You can lock down the directory storing the script using NTFS permissions if it is in the “my scripts” folder in “my documents”, but it also creates a temporary file containing your credentials for the duration of the script execution (a second or two when you enter proximity). Install and use at your own peril.”

Now this is a workable solution but the security risk keeps nagging you! What i’m asking is can’t a 3rd Party Developer do this securely? I’m sure a lot of people will be queing up for this sort of application! What do you guys think??

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