Finally N-Gage Goes Live – Partially!

N-Gage Goes Live 

The N-Gage brand has finally woken up from the big slumber that Nokia had put it into following the not so sucessful N-Gage devices. The new gaming platform which is compatible with devices such as the N81, N95 Lineup, N73, N82 etc has now been made available for the N81 only.

The probable reason behind this move is to keep the numbers manageable and make bug rectification easier but I as a user would have liked to be a uniform launch; although the internet modded file that enables usage on other compatible handsets is available in the across the internet. (Thanks Ricky)

The default ‘get started’ pack includes:

– N-Gage application (required) (6.3MB)
– Space Impact: Kappa Base (11.7MB)
– System Rush: Evolution (13.2MB)
– Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep (28MB)

Download! the client here. From the looks from things the application looks nice and intutive but how sucessful it will be depends on how it will be received when v1.0 goes live across all phones as that will be the time the user base will grow and the community features such as IM etc would come into play more.

For a detailed coverage and screenshots look up this post by Ewan and this one by Rafe.