Stavros & Position Art

Meet Stavros

The Stavros Escapade is a project sponsored by WOMWorld, and is meant to promote geotagging. Stavros will be using a Black N82 and will take one motif submitted by people from across the globe and try to move around Rome so that his movement on a map would match the motif. This is called Position Art and the major event is taking place as I write.

Jump over and let Stavros himself explain and follow his progress here. GeoTagging is certainly a great feature and opens the window to great memories, watching pictures of yourself via Google Earth or on a map is cool. But what Stavros is doing is going one step further, Position Art opens another thing you can do with your GPS equipped Nseries, I will want to try this out sometime soon. We were very close doing it at the MWC when Stefanos proposed it.

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