No Rumour This: The N96 Gets An Overhaul!

 N96 Gets An Overhaul!

There has been word going the blogosphere that the N96 is in fact going to get a xenon flash instead of the dual LED’s. This has been picked up by Intomobile, The Nokia BlogEngadget Mobile, SymbianWebBlog and numerous others. I am glad to say that I can confirm this after receiving confirmation from trusted sources. But contrary to popular opinion the LED’s are also going to stay to assist in video capture. The N96 is finally a worthy N9x device!

Also, when the N96 was announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this February, it was slated to have a 950 mAh battery, however that is changing too. The revamped version of the next flagship will come with a 1200 mAh one instead. Apparently Nokia has finally got the message that not only is xenon is the way to go, they also need to give the phone enough juice to run and with the internal reorganisation to put in the flash, Nokia’s engineers have found a way to accomodate the slightly bigger battery.

The N96 since the announcement wasn’t turning many heads due to a seemingly poor battery and lack of a xenon flash which after N82’s huge success seems a necessity. The Finish giant obviously didn’t want to release a handset that was sure to bomb and hence the last minute modifications.

Picture proof after the break.

 At this point I would like to wish you a very Happy:

April Fool’s Day!

Hope the above was realistic and not too much of a giveaway! Everything apart from the xenon flash was made up by me and as far as the flash is concerned, I don’t believe Nokia will change plans so late in the day. I remember categorically asking the product manager about the flash and he had said it was difficult to accommodate the module in a sliding form factor. These devices are tested internally for a long time before announcement and I don’t see anything changing within the space of a month. The photoshopped picture that is being thrown around is based on the first few pictures of the device that came out before it was even announced.

Xenon – Photoshopped

N96 With The Xenon Module



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