S60 Contest: Show Your S60 Smarts

Show Your S60 Smarts

Saara over at the S60 Blogs announced an interesting contest a few days back. Its pretty simple, all you need to do is make a video of your S60 tip or your favorite application and submit it to the show your S60 smarts video contest group on YouTube. By doing this, you’ll have a chance to win a brand new S60 device or a Bluetooth headset and Handango gift vouchers.

They also have two demo videos up, one demonstrating the Nokia Sports Tracker in action and the other highlighting the S60 browser tips. Have a look, get an idea of what you need to do and get rolling! The contest is open until 20th May, so you have loads of time. Best of luck!

Details on how to enter below.


1. Share your S60 insight – Show your favorite S60 tip demonstrating why is it so handy. Tag: myfavoritetrick

2. Show your favorite S60 application – Share your favorite S60 application or an internet service you can use with your S60 device and tell us how and why it makes your life good. Tag: myfavoriteapp


1. Check out more information and official rules.
2. Create your S60 tip or favorite app video. The video should show an S60 device. A list of all S60 devices from www.s60.com/phones.
3. Become a member of YouTube, if your are not yet.
4. Upload your video to your YouTube account and tag it with either “myfavoriteapp” or “myfavoritetrick” depending on the category you want to enter your video to. Allow the possibility to comment, rate, embed and syndicate your video. The spoken words of the video should be in English.
5. Go to www.youtube.com/group/showyours60smarts, and click Join group.
6. Click Add video link & select your video to enter it.

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