Change Log For E90 Firmware v210.34.75

Change Log For E90 Firmware v210.34.75

A few days ago, Firmware v210.34.75 came out for the E90. The new firmware as oppossed to the v07.40 brings Flash Lite 3, a new version of Quickoffice, loads of bug fixes and stability improvements amongst other things. This E90 firmware brings it on par with other Nseries handets such as the N95 variants and the N82 that can play Flash Video in the browser. Not so long ago in early April v200.34.72 had come out for a few product codes that brought the same features, this firmware brings nothing new as compared to that and infact prevents ‘ROM Modding’ in case you happen to care.

Full changelog below.

Improvements to backup and restore

  • NITZ update improvements

Active notes

  • Improvements to sending and receiving notes via IrDA or Bluetooth

Barcode reader

  • Support for 1-P codes removed
  • General stability improvements


  • Improvements to Nokia BT accessory interoperability and to 3rd party
  • BT accessory interoprability


  • Flash Lite 3 i.e. YouTube video support
  • Widget support (Web runtime)
  • Several improvements to browser stability


  • Calendar restored from memory card
  • Improvements to calendar fluency and stability


  • Automatic white balance fails with flash
  • Screensaver resets Scene modes setting from Camera


  • Stability improvements to dialup and packet data connections

FM radio

  • Stability improvements


  • Stability improvements


  • Stability improvements


  • Stability improvements


  • Stability improvements

Via: SWB & SF

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