Sports Tracker Gets Video Upload

Sports Tracker Gets Video

The Sports Tracker application (yes its still called Sports Tracker!), has been updated once more and is up to v1.76 and support for uploading of video clips along with pictures taken during your journey to Sports Tracker web site has been added. Also added has been support for upcoming handsets like the N78 and N96.

We are all unanimous in the belief that the name ‘Sports Tracker’ needs to go especially because from the time the application came out to now, it has undergone so much change and improvements that ‘sportstracker’ is an understatement and well, a little misleading. Nokia Voyager I think seems cool, however I do admit its a little over the top! Ricky has suggested Nokia Traveler and Nokia Paths, while Krisse over at AAS has brought up Journey Tracker or Journey Log as possible alternatives. What do you think it should be called? Odyssey? Jaunt? Excursion?

Here’s the download link and make sure you check out the Nseries SportsTracker widget too!

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