New Firmware v20.2.011 Out For The American N95-3

All you N95-3 owners rejoice, after months of waiting the v20 firmware is out! Fire up the NSU to get going. This firmware brings Flash Video support in the browser, a 19 second bootup time, a 2 second camera load time, the search shortcut to the standby screen and most probably demand paging. There seems to be no automatic screen rotation though.

– Flash Lite 3 Support

– Faster Bootup

– Much Faster Camera

– Integrated Search

– Demand Paging(?) – Phone seems faster

– No ASR

– N-Gage Demos

Via: FinestFones & HoFo 

16 thoughts on “New Firmware v20.2.011 Out For The American N95-3”

  1. YES!! Finally!
    I’ve been waiting for this Firmware update for so long…. SO LONG. Hope it’s as good as I want it to be.

    Cheers from Argentina 🙂

  2. does d n95-1 also hav an upgrade…
    becz v guys r on 21.0.016??
    m still waitin fr auto rotate

  3. One question. If I proceed with the update, the new firmware will erase all the data I have in my N95, including contancts and calendar, and also all the programs I have installed? Will a memory card backup or backup using the Nokia software, help me avoid this?

  4. Juampi, hope you’r not disappointed! 🙂

    Sahil, another update is rumoured for the classic.. V30 which will get that and may be better graphics.. Just a rumour..

    Elias, sure backup your contacts etc via the nokia pc suite. Then upgrade and you can restore you’r data from the pc suite once more. It is advised only to restore contacts, calender, notes, bookmarks and not the installed applications. A fresh install is best.

  5. hi there i tried the software update for my N95 NAM and i hate the fact that i did everthing rite now the fone wont start it gives me a grey blank screen the software updater keeps askin me to check if the battery is rite or if i have it on pc suite mode or if the usb is plugged in right,why does nokia come up with all this when users who follow the right instructions end up like me,now i have lost my fone,all i get is a blank grey screen,cant seem to do antyhing,my fone was on full charge,i didnt disturb the whole update process,it said five mins left to update completion,and then outta the blue it says lost connection with fone,well why is this happening,can soemone help me get back my fone to where it wasbefore i went for the STUPID USELSES UPDATE,please help me thanks

  6. Don’t worry. We can usually recover fones. Make sure the battery is charged. Take it out and reinsert it. Press the green call key + the ‘3’ key + ‘*’. Keep them pressed and then press the power button. Continue holding the three buttons till you get a Nokia screen.

  7. One more question. What happens to my data in the handy calendar, expense calendar, splash id, ect. Can I backup the data either using the backup software from Nokia or using the memory card, and am I able to restore this kind of data after I get the upgrade done????

  8. I have 2 questions…I just upgraded to the 20.2.005 and i dont like the new font and the lack of no ASR…can i put the 21.0.016 on my phone instead? i have an n-95-4.

    My second question is can i make my wallpaper image full screen?


  9. Please don’t even try and install another phone’s firmware on your phone, you will brick it! As far as full screen wallpapers, not directly, but you may use a free application called Theme-DIY to convert the wallpaper into a theme and use it, thus getting a full screen experience.

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