New Firmware v20.2.005 Out For The American N95 8GB (N95-4)

It seems as if Nokia is sure going all guns blazing to keep the American Nokia owners happy. After yesterday’s long awaited update for the N95-3, today comes an update for its 8GB sibling. The latest firmware for the N95-4 is now v20.2.005 and is available via NSU.

Details on what it brings are thin on the moment but there seems to be no user data preservation and no Auto Rotation for sure. My guess is that like the E90 firmware jump from v200.34.72 to v210.34.75 that brought nothing but for some under the hood fixes while disabling the hack, this new firmware will do just that. (Via: S60 Blogger)

[Update: The hack still works.]

7 thoughts on “New Firmware v20.2.005 Out For The American N95 8GB (N95-4)”

  1. delete that, looks as though it’s only exclusive to the E71. they should really add this feature to all devices.

  2. Hi Vaibhav,

    I have N95-1. I dont seem to yet have the latest firmware with flash lite available for my device. Its bought in India. Any thoughts when i should expect it ?


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