Calling Anyone Who Wants An Evening With S60

Calling All Indians!

This is the part that I love about the S60 Community, people actually listen. We started making some noise two weeks ago about wanting An Evening With S60 in India and the good poeple at Consumed By S60 have taken notice. They are inviting everyone to propose the names of the next cities that should have this event. All you need to do is leave a comment in this post with your proposed city name and depending on logistics/budget and popularity, the next evening might just be in your city.

If you are in India and are reading this, do put in a comment urging the good people at S60! Make sure you nominate a particular city. I have already put in my vote for Chandigarh/Delhi. If we have two popular destinations such as Delhi & Mumbai, then I hope we have it in both!

8 thoughts on “Calling Anyone Who Wants An Evening With S60”

  1. Prakash & Anirudh, please post your location-requests at the site Vaibhav has in his post:

    I am not seeing enough requests for cities in India. If you want at least two events in India, we need more requests!

    I have a question for our Chandigarh S60 fans: if we held the event in Delhi, can those of you located in Chandigarh make it? I know Delhi isn’t all that close, but having two events in or around Delhi is difficult when there’s Mumbai contending for a spot.

    A big THANK YOU for all that enthusiasm and fantastic Ambassador reports you guys have been submitting! It feels great to see so many active S60 fans in India.

  2. Raj, I personally am willling to travel to Delhi and I suspect a lot of others might too. However if not this time, I was hoping we have a Chandigarh event too – possibly in the next round of AEWS60 events.

  3. Hi Raj,

    We sure will make a request for Delhi

    I sure can come

    But cud u make it in the last quarter of the year.

    Do Reply


  4. Good to see ‘Gomcoite’ on here. I’ve been reading your reports. Great stuff! I think I even gave you a 50-pointer the other day – when Ricky and Stefan were taking a break. 🙂

    I’ll do my best to have it scheduled for the last quarter, mate. But it ain’t solely up to me, as you can imagine.

    Very happy to hear you guys will consider coming to Delhi for an event. We’ll definitely keep Chandigarh in mind too.

    Happy womming, y’all!

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