A Real World Review Of The N82 – II

A Real World Review Of The N82 - II

 Following on from the first part of this series of ‘real world’ N82 reviews through which I try and bring you impressions friends and family after they used the N82. My review of the N82 can be found in parts here, here, here & here. Jump over for the second review in this series.

A Real World Review Of The N82 - I

First up is what my dad felt after a week with the device. Since I could not get him to write this up himself, I’ll be filling in. In case you are looking for a phone for someone in that age group, this might give you some prespective.

Surprisingly he wasn’t blown away with the N82’s out of the box experience. It may be because he didn’t like the size of the device. While I personally feel the size is just right, he seemed to prefer the E51’s size. However that still wasn’t a deal breaker. Next up was music and radio, without custom headphones, since he is no audiophile, he seemed satisfied with the quality.

The N82’s real strenght lies in the camera segment, and this was something he truly loved. I’ve never seen him click as many pictures as did with the N82, even with his newly bought digi cam. The one aspect that the N82 has taken a lot of flak is the keypad, and suprisingly he didn’t seem to mind it at all.

Another positive for him was the web browsing experience, the 2.4″ screen seemed enough. As a professional, the PIM application set was also something he liked. When it came to S60 being the core behind the N82, he was pleased again because of the ability to add third party applications such as MsDict, which he swears by.

At the end of it all, when asked if would he buy it, he surprisingly said no. His reasoning was that most of what he was looking for, PIM, S60 applications, Internet and a bit was music was all given to him by the E51, in a smaller sleeker slimmer and cheaper package. This is the one of the rare occassions when when I’ve seen someone put the N82 down, when I gave it to him I was also convinced, he’d want to buy it.

I can’t really fault his logic, may be the N82 is more of the younger generation’s phone? Perhaps Nseries devices are?

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  1. I think the only downside of n82 is its 2.4″ screen. Even if it was 2.6″ I would have bought it right away. Personally, I find it hotter than bulky, shorty and wobbly N95. In the end, I’ll be getting n82 as soon as prices hit the low side, probably around $300. Lets see. Good review.

  2. i am also currently using a n82 i personally feel the screen is not a problem the only thing that doesn,t go for me is the keypad…. it is just not good

  3. I compared the N82 and E51 and thought that the N82 had a great screen and camera but the E51 had an excellent key pad and great build quality. As is the case most of the time, price made me decide in favour of the E51 – Rs. 8k less than the N82 and I was sold. And by the way, I am not a senior citizen, I am just over 30! 🙂

  4. @danesh i am also just 23 but the e51 bowled me ower too it is a COMPLETE phone the keypad is just amazing, Vaibhav also has to be given credit coz he convinced me to buy it only the camera is a problem but who is complainig

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