Geo-Tag Your Way To A N78

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S60 Blog brings the scoop on the latest campaign launched by Nokia India – The Fusions Challenge. Nokia invites all you explorers, technology lovers, adventure enthusiasts, photographers, travelers, entertainment freaks, passionate youngsters, Nokia fanatics and even the ones who don’t fall into any of these categories to take part. In order to get going all you need to do is assemble a team and click and upload 10 location tagged pictures, the faster you are in clicking those pictures the better points you get, that coupled with  the amount of fans the team collects determines winners. The contest is open to anyone in India even if you’r not in any of these cities. Entries close July 27, full details below.

The Fusions Challenge has 3 stages that any team would have to go through:

Sign up – Fastest Fingers First

Register your team with a detailed description of your teams name, motto, description and your picture. Play the Fusions game after registering and location tag 10 pictures in the shortest time. The team leader on behalf of the team can play the Fusions Game. The high scorers get a stronger chance of getting into the next stage.

Propagate – Your friends in need are friends indeed

Propagate your team page to all the friends you know and get them to become fans of your team. Get as many fans as you can to get your team on the top. Your final team score will be a total of your Fusions Game score and the number of fans your team has. So go on and get as many people to view your team page and become your fans.

Fusions Challenge – The Ultimate Battle

Finally 10 teams per city will battle it out in the Ultimate Fusions challenge. A one day race against time to prove your passions and show your team work. All the teams will be called to a central location for the race where they will receive training on the process. Then the teams will be given clues to their passions basis which they will have to make their own passion trail. The team that covers all the 8 passions in the prescribed 4 hours and does it in an interesting way will emerge as winners. Finally two teams across the country will battle it out to become the Ultimate Fusions Challengers.

The Grand Prize – The team leader could WIN a trip to Turkey and Nokia N78 for all your team members.

City Races Winners

– The city race team leader will WIN a New Nokia N78

– The city winning team will WIN Nokia Bluetooth accessories

For further details check out the Official Fusions Blog.

10 thoughts on “Geo-Tag Your Way To A N78”

  1. nice… but if we get selected.. then will they give
    us compatible handsets to play with?

  2. Its really simple,
    1. Register
    2. Play a flash game
    3. Ask friends to vote for you
    4. If shortlisted ,u’ll get some hands on geotagging lessons
    5. Play local
    6. Play national
    7. Win prizes 😉

  3. can anyone tell me, if i can participate from any other city which is not mentioned on the site?

  4. hmmm… i like the thought behind the contest…! played it..but wasn’t very successful at it.. first go..score 1700 something… considering.. I’m a pro at gaming.. i feel embarrassed! 🙂

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