New N81 Firmware 20.0.056 – Brings FP2 Like Transitions

The N81 has just got a new firmware for itself and the improvements this time are huge. First up demand paging and Flash Lite 3 support has been added, bringing it on par with the newer Nseries devices. But what is both a surprise and a pleasure is that it has also gotten itself new Feature Pack 2 like transitions, check out the youtube video above.

Via: Finest Fones

7 thoughts on “New N81 Firmware 20.0.056 – Brings FP2 Like Transitions”

  1. I think we should be able to make that presumption, specially because a while ago we also saw a rumour that the N95 was going to get such a firmware. There’s nothing stopping the other phones..

  2. yes i hope they will make a fw like this for the n95 8gb as well. Then there is absolutely no reason for me to get the n96 🙂

  3. Does anyone kwows if this new update will fix the camera error that says camera:feature not supported?

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